What We Do

We create hardware and software solutions that enable cars to talk to each other and the smart city infrastructure to save lives and make traffic more efficient. In the world of self-driving cars Commsignia is the third eye for enhancing the safety of fully-autonomous driving.

Budapest, Lónyay u. 31, 1093 Hungary


Our Story

2012 February
Commsignia was founded
2013 September
ETSI Plugfest, university projects supported by Commsignia V2X solutions
2014 July
Pilot projects around Europe completed with success
2016 October
Commsignia devices already used in 17 countries
2017 June
Opening of Commsignia Michigan office
2018 February
You at this company :)

About the workplace


Is there lunch break?
Burger-, chicken- and bagel break.


What do you like doing together after working hours?
Darts, beer and pyssla beads.


Do you celebrate birthdays in the office?
With cake we do.

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V2X demo shooting in progress

Our products

We are working on the world’s first connectivity platform that integrates V2X applications with everyday technologies from tablets and phones to smart homes. By connecting vehicles with each other and the smart city infrastructure, it is possible to foresee an accident from miles away, alert pedestrians to danger or enable vehicles to keep up with the green wave when traveling through downtown.

Our clients

We work with automotive manufacturers, automotive suppliers and road infrastructure operators. We made major cities a safer place to live in more than 17 countries already.


Things we value

  • Partners instead of bullies
  • Early results
  • Appetite for knowledge
  • Cats of the Internet
  • Hacking the kitchen toaster
  • Sous-vide pulled pork


Tech Hardware Information Technologies Communications Technologies IoT Informatics Internet of Things Automotive Software development

Quick Questions


Beer, wine or spirits?
In that order


Delay or overtime?


Tie or shorts?


Bike, train or car?


AC or window?

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