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Our mission is to take the most accurate picture about how things are going on within business organizations. Our people analytics software provides analytics about workflow, information flow, know-how sharing & more. It highlights top talents, opinion leaders and key people. With these insights, we help HR, OD consultants and the management to make the best people decisions. Data + Psychology + ♥

Budapest, Pauler u. 1, 1013 Magyarország



Tech Psychology Human Resources

The CX-Ray team is a scientific team with psychologists and developers, helping people by using mathematics, psychology and organizational development. And we love hamburgers.

Gréta Online marketer

Quick Questions


Delay or overtime?
No working hours and no missing deadlines.


Tie or shorts?
Tie and shorts! Plus socks and sandals!


Bike, train or car?
Dump-truck and you can park anywhere.


Star Wars or Ben Hur?


We have 5 psychologists. We read your mind.


Here, at CX-Ray everyone can feel that we are working on a kind-of magic ball that reveals the psychology of workplaces.

Pali Lead Developer

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