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We're a New York based real estate company using cutting-edge technology to solve and automate problems like noone else in the industry.
Budapest, Attila út 15, 1013 Hungary


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What do you usually have for lunch together?
We love Tex-Mex & Hungarian!


Do you celebrate birthdays in the office?
No, but we celebrate anniversaries.


We are a Result Only Work Environment.

  • People stop doing any activity that is a waste of their time, the customer's time, or the company's money.
  • Employees have the freedom to work any way they want.
  • People have an unlimited amount of paid time off as long as the work gets done.
  • Work isn't a place you go, it's something you do.
  • Nobody talks about how many hours they work.
  • Every meeting is optional.
  • There is no judgement about how you spend your time.
  • Nobody feels guilty, overworked, or stressed out.


Lola officedoging <3

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Our NY Office (6th floor)

Small empowered teams, streamlined processes and the culture that values the lessons learned when you are bold enough to attempt something that hasn’t been done before.

Michael Rossi CEO

We are

  • young
  • entrepreneurial
  • international
  • not a startup


Ruby API development React Amazon Web Services Big Data Backend Dog friendly

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