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Infinityn International

The best first job is Sales! YOU WANNA KNOW WHY?

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Our product

Sales Pipeline as a Service (SPaas)

Infinityn enables Software Companies to reap the maximum their technology has to offer for truly global markets. With the experience we have gained in Enterprise-level, Technical & Global sales we can share our expertise to fine-tune their sales strategy and take the burden off the cumbersome day-to-day prospecting, so they can immediately dive into discussions with pre-qualified, warm leads.

Our mission

Great ideas deserve to spread, get known and be applied widely to the benefit of all. Infinityn facilitates this process for ideas of technology.

What would I miss if I left?

Kübra Paksoy
			    									- Global Sales Developer
The great team and atmosphere! It's so much better to work when you enjoy so much being at your workplace.
Kübra Paksoy , Global Sales Developer

Office address

Budapest, Alíz utca 1, 1117 Hungary

Office photo

Infinityn International - Office photo  - Budapest, Alíz utca 1, 1117 Hungary

What makes our product special


Our story

  1. 2016.07.01

    Infinityn International was born

  2. 2017.02.01

    We became a Certified HubSpot Agency

  3. 2018.05.01

    We have launched our new Account-Based Sales Development service

  4. 2019.01.02

    We have an amazing new office at Office Garden :)

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

We think together on almost everything. New ideas can arrive on our weekly meetings, daily coachings or during lunch as well.

Favourite thing in the office

Infinityn International - Favourite thing in the office  - Budapest, Alíz utca 1, 1117 Hungary

Trainings and workshops

  • Not just an ‘onboarding training’ but coaching and mentoring through-out, so you will learn the SECRET to ‘attract, influence and persuade’

Lightning round

Air conditioning or window?
Both + own terrace at the top of Budapest :)
Being late or overtime?
Flexible, your results are evaluated :)
Together on our terrace or nearby :)

Our clients

Infinityn International - Our clients
Infinityn International - Our clients

Why we love our office

A stunning work-space with the environment and the vibe to make you feel ‘at the top of Budapest’ We are on the 7th floor in Office Garden, a beautiful terrace is surrounding our office :)

Which celebrity would your company be?

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis


Personal qualities we appreciate

  • Brave-hearted with full of positivity
  • A good deal of emotional intelligence
  • A desire to build connections across the globe
  • Hungry for continuous-learning and self-development

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Infinityn International

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