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iREMS International AG

We are all about innovation.

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Our product

iREMS International AG creates one of the leading Real Estate Management Software Platforms for customers in Western and Central Europe. With an experienced, dedicated and enthusiastic team, we like to think outside the box, we are passionate about delivering great software solutions, serving our clients with integrated solutions that fit their business requirements.

Office address

Budapest, Ruszti út 1, 1022 Hungary

What makes our product special

Information Technologies Software development Financial Technology Real Estate Continous Integration

Our methodology

  • A software system can boost the productivity of an entire company.
  • It shapes and is shaped by the business strategy, people and processes within the company.
  • Business strategy, people, processes and software platform must be understood in a holistic way.
  • Change is to be implemented in an efficient, non-disruptive way.

Our clients

  • Owners, fund managers and managing agents in the commercial, retail and logistics market segments.
  • Close to 400 properties with a total of over 7 million square meters in lettable surface.
  • Our customers are located in Europe, the US, South Africa,
  • their investments concentrated in Central and Western Europe,
  • also reaching as far as from Japan to California and from Mexico to Jordan

Our Technology

  • Comprehensive technological solutions helping real estate funds achieve greater success.
  • Wide range of features to deliver superior information.
  • iREMS is continually building upon its technology, in order to empower our users to do better.

Offices - open jobs

We are a Swiss company with offices in Stansstad (Switzerland), Budapest (Hungary) and Oradea (Romania). We are at home in many countries, as well as in the cloud.

We are seeking bright, articulate, detail-oriented colleagues to join us in our recently opened Budapest office with a desire to help us exceed our high-profile customers’ expectations by going above and beyond.

About the workplace

How do we give feedback?
We believe in open communication
Whom will you work with?
Action oriented, self-motivated team
Number of people/office space

Products / Services

  • iREMS - integrated Real Estate Management Software


  • Designed for international environments.
  • Fully integrated.
  • Transparent reporting.
  • Allows access from anywhere to your data.
  • Saves time, headaches, and money.

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iREMS International AG

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