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Our product


Here at Recart, we help merchants provide a smooth user journey for their customers on Facebook Messenger with multiple customizable and personalized campaigns. We have something for every step of the way: from subscription tools to photo review requests.

Our Covid-19 Experience
Our Covid-19 Experience

Team cooking nights became a huge hit during lockdown. Chocolate chip cookies - yumm!

Our Covid-19 Experience

We had an awesome online CharityAuction with Tábitha Ház as beneficiary. Thank you, Tábitha workers!

Our Covid-19 Experience

Con: Having to take a lot of stuff home from the office. Pro: Extra workforce at hand!

Our mission

At Recart, we are a team united by our shared values:

  • Transparency. Open management and regular free to talk sessions with our CEO
  • Blameless culture
  • Ownership. Own your duties and squeeze the most out of it!
  • Trust. We believe that all of the above builds trust and leads to better results.

Office address

Budapest, Király u. 26, 1061 Hungary, HubHub Budapest, Király utca 26

Office photo

Recart - Office photo  - Budapest, Király u. 26, 1061 Hungary, HubHub Budapest, Király utca 26

What makes our product special

Tech eCommerce Information Technology

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

  • We are transparent - there are regular free-to-chat sessions with our CEO ☕
  • We might be a small company but we have a dedicated Office & Community manager who is happy to hear your ideas! ⭐

Favourite thing in the office

Recart - Favourite thing in the office  - Budapest, Király u. 26, 1061 Hungary, HubHub Budapest, Király utca 26

Lightning round

Bike, public transport or car?
Bike! Or scooter. Most of us move on two wheels.
Ties or shorts?
Shorts, trainers, kilts... We are casual.
Most proud of
Company culture - transparent and open-minded.

Why we love our office

  • Great location (2 minutes walk from Deák Ferenc square)
  • We are dog friendly! ?
  • Lots of cool spaces where you can work from within the office - did we mention there is a jungle inside the building?
  • We provide parking spaces and bike storage

Personal qualities we appreciate

  • Original ideas. A box is great, but we do love thinking outside of it
  • Honesty and ownership
  • You have a dog with food-related name. So far, we have Müzli, Zserbó and Cheddar ?
  • You say 'Yay!' to charity

Look, we appeared in Forbes!

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