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Roche Services & Solutions EMEA

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Our colleagues contribute to Roche’s success with excellent technical knowledge and business sense. We work in an environment that promotes our personal development, recognizes knowledge and creates opportunities for achieving borderless career objectives. Our mission is to provide the same quality of service to their partners as Roche’s business partners to their patients.

Our product

Roche Services & Solutions Operations EMEA

Roche Services (Europe) Ltd. was established in Budapest in 2006 as an affiliate of the Roche Group. From our office in the 13rd district, we provide global support and consultancy to more than 150 Roche subsidiaries in Finance, Procurement, Human Resources and IT processes. We are continuously expanding through improvements and the increasing amount of end to end services provided.

What would I miss if I left?

Viola Gajda
			    									- Employer Branding and Communications Specialist

A workplace what we form together every day with our ideas and creativity.

Viola Gajda , Employer Branding and Communications Specialist

Office address

Budapest, Véső u. 7, 1133 Hungary

Office photo

Roche Services & Solutions EMEA - Office photo  - Budapest, Véső u. 7, 1133 Hungary

What makes our product special

Diversity Friendly environment People focus Social responsibility Land of opportunities Hypermodern building Your career is in your hand Stability & Flexible working Speak-up culture

Our story

  1. 2006

    The founding os Roche SSC Budapest, supporting Finance Services

  2. 2007

    HR Operations' activities launched and supported from SSC Budapest

  3. 2010

    Procurement Services supported from SSC Budapest

  4. 2012

    Business Support opened in SSC Budapest

  5. 2015

    Compliance Services supported from SSC Budapest

  6. 2017

    FG IT and Service Desk Operations inaugurated

  7. 2019

    Record to Report function opened in Budapest

  8. 2019

    Becoming RSS Operations together with other SSC's around the world

  9. 2020

    Moving in to our new home

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

Our management exceptionally focuses on people and has a very strong, inclusive culture. Every idea and initiative finds open ears and helping hands all around in the office.

Favourite thing in the office

Roche Services & Solutions EMEA - Favourite thing in the office  - Budapest, Véső u. 7, 1133 Hungary

Trainings and workshops

We offer local & global internal training opportunities in person and online. Our colleagues can participate in external trainings as it is the most suitable for their own professional development.

Lightning round

Average age?
Sex ratio?
65% female leaders
31 nationalities are represented

Why we love our office

The brand new Nordic Light Trio is a next-generation smart building with advanced solutions in sustainability, bicycle parking, showers and lockers - along with a multifunctional public garden. The modern Scandinavian design & the green terraces encourage physical activities, relaxation and energy boosting during a day. Every small detail has been designed to help people feel inspired.

Product video

Roche Services & Solutions EMEA - Product video

Personal qualities we appreciate

Integrity, Courage and Passion- the key drivers of our unique people focused company culture. We are looking for skills and attitude: openness, creativity and dedication through work and collegiality.

Our Covid-19 Experience
Our Covid-19 Experience

A message from our Leadership Team during the lockdown - these moments made us smile & hold on!

Our Covid-19 Experience

At the beginning of the virus-situation we had to pack the whole office - we were so close to move!

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Roche Services & Solutions EMEA

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