What We Do

A team of developers, data scientist and marketing people, having a common goal to help developers to learn new technologies faster. We are driven to know everything about stack traces to change the way developers debug. 

In our team, we respect each other and we all love what we do. Most importantly, we are all driven by the same goal & vision and we are fulfilled by doing what matters.

Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 55, 1061 Hungary


About the workplace


What do you usually have for lunch together?
We're on a quest to find the best place.


How do we give feedback?
During retro, one-on-one


Do you celebrate birthdays in the office?
Name Day! No facing of age is involved.

Products/ Services

  • Global Saas product for Devs from Devs.
  • Automated stackoverflow for software crashes.
  • Thousands are using our search engine.
  • We love develop Samebug in Scala!

Our Story

1999 November
At age 16, Árpi exchanged his fishing rope for a BASIC programming book. (given date is not correct)
2013 October
Overnight 100k crash in Árpád's inbox - The idea of Samebug as a crash monitoring tool was born.
2014 May
MIT Bootcamp - Product Pivot - Focus on Providing solutions to software crashes.
2015 February
Samebug as a company is formed to receive Angel Investment from American and Hungarian Investors.
2015 May
Exception Search Engine and largest Crash database is released.
2017 January
8 million developers have been using our search engine to find solutions to their software problem.
2017 March
Day One Capital - Hungarian Seed Fund along with Hungarian and American investors invest.
2017 September
Samebug is a team of 10. Our office is in Loffice, downtown Budapest. The product is almost ready.
2018 February
You at this company :)

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The Founders
A dreamer, a doer and a dreamdoer.

More about us

We create Samebug, using Akka, React, Scala, JavaScript, Mongo DB while we also enjoy try out new stuff. Marketing and Design are also part of Scrum and daily standup are in English. 

Our environment is always filled with a positive vibe, laughter, determination, and focus. We want everyone to feel relaxed and we want our workplace to be fun and sometimes stressful.

Our core values are focus, professionalism, personal approach, hard work, trust and honesty.

Quick Questions


Spaces vs. Tabs


Humus vs. Haggis


Intro vs. Extro


Static vs. Dynamic typing


Playing Hanabi on a Friday

"Success is a journey, not a destination."

Arthur Ashe


Daily standup with a physical board



Our core values

  • Focus
  • Hard work
  • Honesty
  • Personal approach
  • Professionalism
  • Trust


Mangalica heaven
Our team is on a quest to find the best restaurant

Office in Loffice

  • In the heart of the city
  • Close to Király street and Octogon
  • Easy to access by public transportation
  • Modern coworking space


SaaS International team Educational opportunity Startup Daily standup Unlimited coffee English Investment

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