The marketplace for e-tickets.

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Our product

The safest marketplace to buy and sell tickets.

We provide the safest and transparent solution for fans to buy and sell tickets online.

For our users we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

For event organisers, we have developed a plug and play API solution that allows us to connect to their primary ticketing system in order to eliminate fraud and counterfeit tickets being sold and thus damaging the event's reputation.

Our mission

Creating a secure and transparent marketplace for live events tickets, that is our mission.

Have you ever purchased a ticket from an individual via Facebook groups or a personal meeting at the closest subway station?

Did you ever feel insecure about whether the ticket will be valid at the entrace? Or how many times the same ticket has been sold already?

Tickething is the solution for all these issues

What would I miss if I left?

Viszneki Tibor
			    									- Product manager

Mi fog hiányozni, ha elmennél a cégtől?

A német kollégánk (Jan) kalandjai a magyar nyelvvel. :))

Viszneki Tibor , Product manager

Office address

Budapest, Derkovits u. 7, 1126 Ungarn

What makes our product special

sexy UX fan friendly secure and transparent

Our story

  1. 2016.03.31

    MVP launch

  2. 2016.05.31

    Seed investment - 150K EUR

  3. 2016.09.15

    Telenor Accelerate

  4. 2017.05.31

    EUR payment option and international events

  5. 2017.10.31

    Seed investment - 500K EUR

  6. 2018.04.30

    Sziget, Balaton Sound, Volt, TIXA, Bánkitó, KOBUCI partnerships

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

We are a small and young team.

You have an idea? Let's grab a coffee and brainstorm.

Were you outside the office when it struck you? Ping our Slack channel.

Feature idea? Share it via ASANA.

Trainings and workshops

Interesting professional conference? - Share a link and we will take care of your ticket.

Discounted offer on Udemy? - Share the link with you colleagues too.

Lightning round

Beer, wine or shot?
Being late or overtime?
It is already done :)
Mac or PC

Our clients

Tickething - Our clients
Tickething - Our clients
Tickething - Our clients
Tickething - Our clients
Tickething - Our clients

Product video

Tickething - Product video

Which celebrity would your company be?

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey


Personal qualities we appreciate

We acknowledge our mistakes, but do not make the same mistakes all over again.
Amit szeretünk:

  • Koncertek, fesztiválok, sportesemények
  • Macbooks
  • Nicolas Jaar
  • Rugalmas munkaórák
  • Egy jó ebéd
  • Pingpong

A munkahelyről

Átlag életkor25Mit esztek szívesen együtt?#napimenuHány meeting van hetente?max 1-2

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