Cancer research

Born from a marriage of bioinformatics, network medicine and artificial intelligence at Semmelweis University, Turbine was founded to start a new paradigm in cancer research. We’re bringing together machine learning experts, bioinformaticians, medical doctors and programmers to give pharma, clinicians and patients a fighting chance.


Understand cancer biology with AI

Turbine takes trial and error out of the laboratories, and moves it onto our servers that can run millions of experiments in a matter of minutes. We've built an AI that models how cancer works on the molecular level, and tests millions of potential drugs on it each day. This way, we can get new cancer drugs to patients years faster than pharma’s solutions.

Mi hiányozna, ha elmennék?

Papp Orsolya
			    									- Számítógépes biológus

A fiatalos gondolkodás és az ötletgazdag inspiratív munkakörnyezet tuti. Na meg a lendület. Plusz az sem hátrány, ha humoros emberekkel dolgozol.

Papp Orsolya , Számítógépes biológus

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Budapest, Pannónia u. 32, 1136 Hungary

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Turbine.AI - Fotó az irodáról

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  1. 2016.08

    Bayer selected Turbine for its Grants4Apps accelerator

  2. 2016.10

    Pfizer selects Turbine to collaborate on combinations at its Biotech Partnering Days

  3. 2016.10

    Turbine wins grant with Csaba Bodor’s leading onco-hematological lab to research CLL

  4. 2016.11

    Successful validation study predicting drug response to 20 approved cancer drugs

  5. 2017.06

    Turbine gets selected as top Health startup of 2017 Pioneers Festival Vienna

  6. 2017.06

    Turbine wins 3 awards at Central European Startup Awards' regional finals

Hogy szólhatnak bele az alkalmazottak a cég életébe?

We have a 2 weekly All-Hands forum where we discuss every step or change which affect the life of the firm and it's employees. We also have a regular 1:1 meeting with everyone on monthly basis.

Kedvenc tárgy az irodában

Turbine.AI - Kedvenc tárgy az irodában

Így képezzük a kollégákat

We have a so called EFT program (Egyéni Fejlődési Terv). Our colleagues can take part on any conferences, courses from this amount which will help their own improvement.


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We are working in an open office structure but still you always find a place to go chill in a cozy backoffice. Mosaik office is located close to the 4-6 tram and it's dog friendly :) Also we go out a lot with the team to eat, to grab a beer as there are many places to visit.

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~ Inspiring, creative personality full with ideas about improvement

~ Positive attitude

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