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We know that the perfect workplace is different for everyone, so we created an interface where You can get to know the team behind the job advert. Each profile and advert is thoroughly reviewed before publishing. DreamJo.bs requires companies to post photos of their team instead of stock images. Job descriptions are written in short text and bullet points, thus making the advert easy to read - and free of b*llshit.

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Browse adverts that truly show what the job will be like. The companies on our website must provide a clear outline of the required skills and future responsibilites. They can also list their efforts to further train their employees, weekly working hours, flexible worktime, home office possibilities, their gross salary range, and much more.

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We believe that everyone works like a dream in the workplace of their dreams. By making your employer brand strong, You will be able to hire the best workforce for your company and even attract employees from niche labor markets. By showing the candidates the company You really are, You can improve the quality of your candidates and keep them on the long run, saving precious time, energy, and recruitment funds.

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