Sketch / Photoshop
InVision / MarvelApp
UX Research
Learning and dedicated individual

Even better

Video editing
Front-end development

Job description

As a Junior UI/UX designer you'll do the following nearly every day:

  • Thinking about product ideas and UX paths
  • Designing user interfaces in Sketch
  • Developing the user experience every day
  • Sending funny gifs on Slack

You'll working with front-end developers and QA staff closely and report directly to the product manager.

Finally, you can do everything you're good at if you're working for our common goal.

Office address

Budapest, Soroksári út 48, 1095 Hungary


  • Designing user interfaces in Sketch
  • Conducting user interviews
  • Doing UX research
  • Developing the user experience
  • Sharing product development ideas

Our product

We believe that team building is:

  • a golden tool to motivate people and help them bond 
  • a solution for many problems that might occur at workplaces 

We help companies to bring their co-workers together.

Our product is an online team building management solution that:

  • helps companies to organize, monitor and evaluate team buildings
  • supports having engaged employees
  • makes any company a cool workplace

What would I miss if I left?

Team building is not supposed to be a once-in-a-year thing. It should be part of every day.
Adam Drobinoha , CEO

What makes our product special

Biker friendly Sports Teambuilding We are open Human Resources Computer Games Own projects Boardgame club

Our clients

Battlejungle - Our clients
Battlejungle - Our clients
Battlejungle - Our clients
Battlejungle - Our clients
Battlejungle - Our clients

Product video

Battlejungle - Product video

Our values

  • Openness & Diversity
  • Be humble
  • Everything for the customer
  • Don't be afraid to have fun
  • Make mistakes. But never make the same one twice.

About the workplace

Do you celebrate birthdays in the office?
Average age
How do we give feedback?
Every day

We <3 our customers

We help making teambuildings well beyond imagination at several medium & large enterprises, such as TATA, Chemaxon, Telekom Group and LIDL.

We love every single one of our customers.

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