• Digital Marketing & Analytics

  • Copywriting & presentation in EN & HU

  • Public Relations & Business Development

  • Strategy & Branding

  • Photo, video, graphics

Budapest, Andrássy út 66, 1062 Hungary


Job Description

Your target is to help Bene Studio grow, expand abroad and become a broadly recognized brand while making the life of people better.

You are

  • digital: up-to-date with the latest technologies, practices
  • human: love to help people, communicate, facilitate, lead
  • accurate: reliable, thorough, balanced
  • passionate: about learning, knowledge sharing, improvement
  • a problem solver: there is no impossible for you


  • Plan & manage all the marketing aspects
  • Market to clients, partners, investors
  • Market our products and client projects
  • Organize tech & healthcare community
  • Digital, social, content, event, PR, branding

Job details

Term of employement
Open ended
Salary Type
Fixed salary + variable pay
Gross salary range
Not specified
Fringe benefits
Company phone
Company notebook
Training package
Personal and team coaching
Long term incentives (e.g. stock awards, options)

Working Hours

Weekly working hours
40 hours
Flexible working hours  - Upon discussion
Home office  - Upon discussion

What We Do

Join Bene Studio, the React Native and React.js specialists, to learn the technology fast and continuously in our friendly team, while delivering exciting, high quality mobile and web products together. 


Internal education
To learn the technology fast and continuously


Apps we develop
'Uber with doctors', launching in 3 countries


Dominant experience
Healthcare & Wellness Product Development


Product Development
From idea, through iteration, to scaling


Family-friendly & support your personal goals


Mobile & Web
iOS & Android apps: React Native, web: React.js


Fullstack Solutions
Cloud architecting, AWS, Node.js, serverless

Don't let reality affect your goals :) At Bene Studio our mission is to help people live a better life. To reach this, we think together, work with passion, applying state-of-the-art technology. 

Bálint Founder & CEO


Grill on the balcony
Your favourite food for lunch in the office:)


A66 tech hub
Tech companies in the office of the year 2016
There's no perfect software: all made by humans:) However, our goal is to craft the highest quality mobile products. We are building the best senior React Native and Cloud Architect team in town.
Ádám Founder & CTO


Sports Together
We play football, ping-pong, darts together

About the workplace


What do you usually have for lunch together?
We grill on the balcony of the office


Do you celebrate birthdays in the office?
Everything! With the craziest surprises


What do you like doing together after working hours?
Meetup, workshop, beer, football


Apps we develop
Smart healthcare platform


Knowledge sharing
We present at meetups, workshops and publicate

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