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Professional skills

Pénzügyi ismeretek
Operational ismeretek
Profi rendszerkezelés

Personal skills

Assertiveness Negotiation Skills Stratégiai gondolkodásmód Rugalmas és pozitív Interested in technology

Even better…

Technológiai háttér
Reklámügynökségi háttér
Multis tapasztalat

Job description

Your areas

  • 40% operations
  • 30% account management
  • 30% finance

You will manage

  • the whole growing international team to help them be motivated and happy
  • lawyers, financial experts, accountant, marketing and other suppliers
  • client relations to make them satisfied
  • awesome professional events
  • internal improvement projects

Ideal candidate

Flexible Assertive communicator Megfelelően kommunikál: e-mail Megfelelően kommunikál: chat Stratégiai gondolkodásmód Részletekre figyelmes Pozitív személyiség Érdeklődik a technológia iránt Szerződések nyelvezetét ismeri


Üzleti szakértő
No qualification required
No qualification required
Pénzügy és számvitel
No qualification required
No qualification required

Language skills

Excellent command in spoken and written

Office address

Budapest, Andrássy út 66, 1062 Hungary

Work schedule

Core time
9 - 18
You can start at


  • Free coffee
  • In-house trainings
  • Company cellphone
  • Notebook
  • Team building programs


  • Analyzing, reporting, and decision making
  • Enhancing profit, cost-savings and effectiveness
  • Workflow automation
  • Creating and managing CRM and Business processess
  • Problem solving, answering rapid changes

Technologies and tools

Slack Jira Microsoft Office Power BI CRMs Digital marketing tools

How we work

The team won the Loveable Workplace Price operating in the Office of the Year 2016. We create high-quality mobile and web systems for startups and enterprises with the best engineers and provide team mentoring, product demos, wolleyball games, parties. We organize the most popular tech workshops in Hungary and support members to talk at conferences, meetups and to write articles.

What you will learn

  • New tools an systems
  • New exciting projects
  • Working on international level
  • Meeting several stakeholders
  • Technological sphere knowledge


We provide you a Macbook and mobile phone.


We provide you a MacBook and a mobile phone.


  • Versenyképes fizetés
  • MacBook
  • Bónusz
  • Részesedési lehetőség


  • Competitive salary
  • MacBook
  • High-value bonus
  • Stock option

Bene Studio Workshops

Bene Studio -

Our product

Your product team delivering high-quality apps

Join Bene Studio, the React Native and React.js specialists, to learn the technology fast and continuously in our friendly team, while delivering exciting, high quality mobile and web products together.

Our mission

We are delivering high-quality apps with the latest cutting-edge technologies, to make people live a better life.

What would I miss if I left?

			    									- Founder & CEO

Don't let reality affect your goals :) Our mission is to help people live a better life. We think together, work with passion.

Bálint , Founder & CEO

Office photo

Bene Studio - Office photo

Work-life balance

Private life

Team video

Bene Studio - Team video

What makes our product special

Unlimited coffee Research & Development Tech Biker friendly Jira CRM Cloud Frontend Javascript

Our story

  1. 2016.09.01

    We move in to the Office of the Year.

  2. 2017.03.01

    Launching the workshops, which became the most popular cutting-edge tech workshops since then.

  3. 2017.09.01

    Our team grows bigger with a Team Happiness Manager :)

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

We are looking for people not just to agree with our company governance but to add to it also. We believe that we can learn from each other which allows us to stay on top with recent technologies.

Favourite thing in the office

Bene Studio - Favourite thing in the office

Trainings and workshops

We love sharing the knowledge. That's why we invest a lot in our internal mentoring by following your own roadmap and also giving to the tech community.Participate actively at our developer workshops!

Lightning round

Most proud of
Helping people live a better life
Volleyball, massage, eating out
Beer, wine or shot?
Beer: brewed in the office

Why we love our office

Family-friendly, bike-friendly and dog-friendly office, where we can even grill on the balcony! In our room, you can choose either to work at your desk, either to sit on a beanbag or our irresistible sofa.

Personal qualities we appreciate

We learn and aim for bigger changes and better improvements while we keep ourselves mindful of others. Quick learners and those who are passionate about knowledge sharing are our infinite heroes.

Internal Education

Sports Together

Fullstack Solutions

Product Development

Regular Team Demos

Grill on the balcony

Dominant experience

Powerful Team Spirit

Knowledge sharing

Apps we develop


Apps we develop

About the workplace

  • What do you usually have for lunch together?

We grill on the balcony of the office :)

  • Do you celebrate birthdays in the office?

Everything! With the craziest surprises.

  • What do you like doing together after working hours?

Meetup, workshop, beer, volleyball.

Why relocate?

The team won the Loveable Workplace Price operating in the bike, dog, and family-friendly Office of the Year 2016. We provide a MacBook Pro, mentoring, product demos and parties. We help each other in teamwork and support you to talk at conferences, meetups, workshops and to write articles.

Work in the heart of Europe, at the beautiful, safe and cheap Budapest! We help you with relocation, including adaptation guidance, flight ticket, temporary housing and visa services.

A66 tech hub

Mobile & Web

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