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Professional skills

knowledge of CISCO 9000 series
5+ experience
international environment
telecommunication experience

Personal skills

Precise Great problem solver Analytical thinking Ability to work alone

Job description

Our international client (Netherland based) in pay-tv industry is looking for a Senior CISCO Network Engineer.

Users can enjoy the service via DTT, IPTV or as an OTT solution, as well as via satellite. This role's responsibility is to support and ensure network operation within SLAs on the proper quality level.

You will join the BAU team to contribute on daily operation of the network team.

You can start

How to apply

  • CV
  • LinkedIn
  • Salary Expectations


BA degree
MA degree

Language skills

Excellent communication both verbal and written

Office address

Budapest, Szabadság tér 7, 1054 Magyarország, Bank Center

Work schedule

Weekly working hours
40 hours/week
Working hours
9:00 - 17:00


Training contribution
Coaching Team building programs
company programs


  • control and supervision of network system
  • monitor and maintain network interfaces to ensure its highest level of performance
  • make modifications and enhancements within a change management approval process
  • use network management tools to discover, map, and maintain the network

Technologies and tools

CISCO 9000 satellite DTT IPTV OTT

Our product

Where did the name come from?

" The name was created from two positive words in 2013, but final form was reached couple of months later on a pálinka fest at the Erzsébet square. Better, because it can be done a lot better based on my many-years knowledge from IT consultancy, and More, because I wanted to provide some extra, some more for our people, and for the partner companies as well. "

Gábor Krivánik, founder

Our mission

Why we should go to the Moon, if we can reach the Mars too?

What would I miss if I left?

Zsófia Galgán
			    									- IT Recruiter
The approach to the professional tasks and to the team. Events and parties together, cool colleagues and the fancy office 🤩

Zsófia Galgán , IT Recruiter

Office photo

BetterMore Consulting - Office photo  - Budapest, Szabadság tér 7, 1054 Magyarország, Bank Center

What makes our product special

Human Resources Flexibility Folyamatos fejlődés Hitelesség IT tanácsadás Boutique szemlélet Lézer fókusz

Our story

  1. 2013.12

    From idea to reality! BetterMore was started!

  2. 2016.12

    The first time we can provide IT resources for international projects.

  3. 2018.05

    The IT recruitment team is established.

  4. 2020.01

    We moved to our bigger and more fancy new office within the Bank Center :-)

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

Anyhow and anytime. There is no bad idea and we are not afraid to make mistakes... :-)

Favourite thing in the office

BetterMore Consulting - Favourite thing in the office  - Budapest, Szabadság tér 7, 1054 Magyarország, Bank Center

Trainings and workshops

Brainstorming and continuous knowledge sharing. We try to join all relevant conferences. Target is for every colleagues to get a new certificate yearly.

Lightning round

Most proud of
Our achievements we have done together as a team.
075, 12:00 at Bazilika
Average age?
We're even more younger with the help of HR ladies

Our clients

BetterMore Consulting - Our clients
BetterMore Consulting - Our clients
BetterMore Consulting - Our clients
BetterMore Consulting - Our clients
BetterMore Consulting - Our clients

Why we love our office

To be at the best part of the city, in the financial district and next to the Bazilika, is uplifting and motivating day by day.

Which celebrity would your company be?

Bud Spencer

Bud Spencer


Personal qualities we appreciate

We don't want the perfect, but the ones who want to be better and do more than yesterday. We search for who see opportunity, not exclusions, open to learn & humor and join for a beer in the evening.

Freelancer vagy?

Bármikor szívesen látunk rövid vagy hosszabb távra. Teljes értékű csapattagként szeretünk és támogatunk a közös úton.

Nem egy hétköznapi csapat...

Vadászunk a legjobb fejekre! Keresünk megrögzött álmodozókat, kiképzett katonákat, kalapos bűvészeket, harcos nindzsákat. Néhány megmászott magas épület szükséges! Csatlakozz csapatunkhoz!

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