• PHP

  • WordPress


  • Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL)

  • VCS knowledge (GIT)


This is a passive job

This means that the posting company is not actively looking for a new colleague, but are interested in growing their applicant pool. It is possible they will not get in touch with you immediately.
Budapest, Irányi u. 3, 1056 Magyarország


Job Description

We are currently looking for a junior PHP web developer, whose main tasks would be to maintain and develop a complex, WordPress based multisite for one of our hungarian clients. The client is fun to work with, the tasks are diverse and interesting, you can find yourself in challenging situations besides the routine tasks. As a new member you would be part of a family-like group. 


  • Developing a secret-revealing website
  • Keeping the sites up to date
  • Version control, making easy testing possible

Working Hours

Weekly working hours
40 hours
Flexible working hours  - Yes
Core time
10:00 - 16:00
Home office  - Yes

Job details

Term of employement
Open ended
Salary Type
Fixed monthly salary
Gross salary range
Not specified
Fringe benefits
Company notebook
Special sirups and coffees

Your first tasks would be...

  • First, we would show you around the office and let you in on our programmers mysterious and exciting life
  • Two of our highly qualified colleagues will be your mentors and show you your future tasks.
  • At the end of your first day you will arrive home tired, but content.

About you

You’re enthusiastic and patient, able to handle criticism, dare to ask questions, open to try new techniques, able to organize your time well (even for overtime), and you’re not afraid of challenging tasks. If you recognize yourself, apply to work with us!

Even better if...

  • You are enthusiastic & you have stamina

  • You love programming

  • You love start-up like companies


About the workplace


Average age


What do you like doing together after working hours?
Board game nights, crafting, sports


Is there lunch break?
Yes, we normally eat together

What We Do

We are a start-up like company that provides a broad variety of IT-services: from maintaining webpages and applications through helpdesk services to building and maintaining full IT-infrastructures for companies. We also manage all of the projects ourselves. Our main program languages are Ruby and PHP.

Quick Questions


AC or window?
Both, but the atmosphere is always great!


Tie or shorts?
Even better, shirts with funny texts on them!


Favourite decor item?
Star Wars posters and plants


Beer, wine or spirits?
Anything that’s liquid!

About us

- We are working on the 3th floor of a school alongside many other independent companies

- We are easy going, so much so that we ride scooters inside the office!

- We support our colleagues’ creative and business fulfillment

- Your assigned tasks will vary from subtasks to whole projects

- Our colleagues like to be in the office because of the good atmosphere but..

- ..the famous home office is possible with us; you get to work from home once every two weeks! ;)


PHP Wordpress development MySQL Git Agile HTML/CSS

Our workflow

"On Monday, the POs hand out the task, on Tuesday the programmers say it’s ready, on Wednesday the junior POs say there’s a bug in it, on Thursday the developers say it caches, on Friday they say it’s a feature and not a bug!"


Company celebration
Of course, all of our programs are optional


We have loads of board games in the office!


We are green
As many plants as people!

Couldn’t find your dreamjob yet?

We will let you know when we do.