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Professional skills


Personal skills

Detail oriented

Even better…


Job description

We are looking for a UI Designer / Sitebuilder to take ownership of the presentation layer of Boomla websites and individual applications. You will be provided with wireframes or functional specifications, which you have to turn into amazing designs and responsive HTML/CSS code.

Ideal candidate

Figyel az apró részletekre


No qualification required

Language skills


Office address

Budapest, Hársfa u. 5-7, 1074 Hungary

Work schedule

Core time
9 - 18
You can start at


  • Free coffee


  • Turn functional requirements into wireframes
  • Turn wireframes into designs
  • Turn designs into responsive HTML/CSS code

Technologies and tools


Team info

Team size
2-5 person
Team age range
32 - 34


We develop on PCs but use Mac/Sketch for design work.

Our product

Boomla Website OS

A fully integrated application platform for websites to radically simplify web development. It's a replacement for the entire stack, for example (LAMP + WordPress + hosting). You can program it in JavaScript.

What would I miss if I left?

The idea seems so obvious, how come nobody thought of this before?

Mykola M. , Software Developer

Team video

Boomla - Team video

What makes our product special

We run our own filesystem Everything is a file No processes, just files Our DB rows are files It replaces the entire stack Simple on a whole new level

Trainings and workshops

You learn most when you are interested in a topic and dive into it. I've been mentoring for years and I'm happy to mentor you as well. Whether it's related to your work or not. - Tibor Halter

Lightning round

Our in-house filesystem.
Average age?
Mac or PC

Follow us


The place where I would work

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