Professional skills

Javascript, ES6, HTML5
CI, Webpack, Git

Personal skills

Cooperating Responsible Curious, open Able to get things done Able to work remote

Advantage, if...

  • Open source projektekben veszel részt
  • Van mobil fejlesztési tapasztalatod
  • Ismerős a webpack, Parcel, ESLint, Prettier, Jenkins, Docker, Sentry
  • Van belső késztetésed a szakmai fejlődésre

Job description

Ügyfélkapcsolati megoldásokat fejlesztünk, hogy minden cég tetszőleges a platformon kommunikálhasson ügyfeleivel. Termékeink: felhő alapú, virtuális contact center, videóhívós értékesítési rendszer, SmartSMS, valamint chat és üzleti mobilalkalmazás. A megoldásainkra olyan eszközként tekintünk, amit élvezet használni. Azt szeretnénk, ha ehhez a frontend oldalon Te járulnál hozzá.

You can start

Ideal candidate

  • Van legalább 3 év komplex webalkalmazás fejlesztésben szerzett tapasztalatod
  • Dolgoztál már AngularJS-sel (vagy egyéb SPA-val)
  • Van Szemantikus HTML, moduláris CSS ismereted
  • Nem ismeretlen a Hg vagy a Git (de jó lesz más verziókezelő is :)
  • Szoktál teszteket írni
  • Van hibakeresési és javítási tapasztalatod

Do not apply, if...

  • Nem webalkalmazásokkal foglalkoztál eddig, hanem honlapokat gyártottál sorozatban
  • A pályád legelején jársz


No qualification required

Language skills

Conversational level

Office address

Budapest, Mohai út 38-42, 1119 Hungary

Work schedule

Weekly working hours
40 hours/week
Working hours
9 - 17


Beverages Coffee
Conference support Training contribution
Private Health Care
Company car
Business phone Notebook


  • Webes elérésű contact center szoftver és az ehhez kapcsolódó felületek fejlesztése és karbantartása
  • Videós azonosító szoftver fejlesztése
  • Tömeges SMS küldés és ehhez kapcsolódó kérdőív szolgáltatások fejlesztése
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) szerkesztő fejlesztése
  • Saját számlázó rendszerhez kapcsolódó fejlesztések
Tech buzzwords




CSS Modules




Our product

Contact Center and telecommunication services

We deliver client management solutions, such as contact centre technologies, SmartSMS and videocall platforms. We are also into telecommunications with a curriculum of 18 years and provide services in 40+ countries connecting 100+ networks. We also poke our nose into progressive technologies such as RCS, blockchain, AI and are basic fans of any kinds of space travel.

Our mission

Why Comnica?

We always have an answer for our clients’ problems, even for those they don’t know about yet.

We don’t consider problems challenges, we rather regard them new opportunities.

We always use these opportunities to create something better.

And when we do so, not only our clients will share in our happiness, but their clients too.

What would I miss if I left?

Our spaceman
			    									- Head of Ambitious Dreams

The crew of our spaceship and the speed of light.

Our spaceman , Head of Ambitious Dreams

Office photo

Comnica - Office photo  - Budapest, Mohai út 38-42, 1119 Hungary

What makes our product special

Come as you are We are open Educational opportunity Linux Telecommunications Diverse Innovative

Our story

  1. 2001.05

    We are launching the development of UHU Linux, the first Hungarian Linux distribution.

  2. 2004.05

    We open the door for uniqe projects - one of them is our Calgo Call Centre software.

  3. 2008.02

    Our portfolio expands with international telco services. We name our company UHU Systems Ltd.

  4. 2011.06

    Looking into the crystal, we take our first steps to build a contact center platform.

  5. 2015.02

    We win our biggest telco tender starting new services in 44 countries for an aviation company.

  6. 2018.07

    Our market expansion gets a momentum and we renew our brand. The new name of the company is Comnica.

  7. 2019.03

    We enter the market with brand new products, such as Comnica SmartSMS, Videocall and Contact Center.

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

We love to pick eachothers brain, so good ideas are always welcome within the company. To ensure the creative flow we have brainstroms, 1on1s and team feedbacks regularly.

Trainings and workshops

Personal training budget for your professional self-development

5-day study-leave per year

Lightning round

Beer, wine or shot?
Exactly in this order
Sex ratio?
W:13 - M:29 = 42 (!)
Star Wars or Ben Hur?
Star Trek

Our clients

Comnica - Our clients
Comnica - Our clients
Comnica - Our clients
Comnica - Our clients

Why we love our office

The office is spacious and sunlit with a panoramic view for the mountains of Buda.

The public transportation is pretty good.

We are bike friendly.

There are several restaurants and canteens around.

We committed the creative pimping and we're absolutely proud of it :)

Product video

Comnica - Product video

Which celebrity would your company be?

Richard Dean Anderson

Richard Dean Anderson

Professionally conscious

Personal qualities we appreciate


No need of sleeping

Attended BUTE, but not necessary graduated

Works for enthusiasm

Extremely smart

Intends with tabs

Solves anything with a pocket knife and a laptop

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Ruby on Rails fejlesztő
Extra juttatások

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