Professional skills

Java, JavaScript
OAuth, OIDC (optionally)
devops, cloud (optionally)
teaching skills

Personal skills

Has that hard to learn ability to teach and explain love presenting to an audience engage and keep up attention willing to travel

Advantage, if...

  • identity and access management skills are a plus
  • Java, Spring, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React are a plus
  • DevOps, Cloud, Docker, Skaffold, Kustomize, Terraform are en even bigger plus

Job description

We have been teaching software engineers since 2000. Currently looking to expand our team of instructors. You will have to learn a lot of new things. Deeply, so that you can teach and explain. Occasionally you'll develop training material with us. Sometimes you'll write demo code. If you want to, you can write actual code in our other projects.

You can start

Ideal candidate

Teach the world

The ideal candidate speaks perfect English. Has that hard to learn ability of teaching, explaining, speaking. Also loves teaching, explaining, speaking. Thinks fast, reads faster, doesn't mind (loves) presenting to an audience. Can keep up attention even over Zoom, willing to travel (when we can travel again).

How to apply

  • Application language: English
  • CV
  • LinkedIn
  • Github

Do not apply, if...

  • don't speak English
  • don't like to speak, teach, perform


BA degree
BA degree
BA degree

Language skills

Excellent verbal communication
Így éltük meg... (COVID-19)
Így éltük meg... (COVID-19)

We use Discord, Slack, Zoom. We work from home.

Office address

Budapest, Záhony u., 1031 Hungary, Graphisoft Park

Work schedule

Weekly working hours
40 hours/week
Core time
10 - 16


Fruits Coffee
Conference support In-house training Training contribution


  • teaching online and in person (after the pandemic)
  • participating in courseware development
  • optionally software development in non-training projects

Technologies and tools

#react #git #Java, #JavaScript, #zoom #slack

Your future team

Team size
6-10 person
Team age range
25 - 50

What will you learn

As our instructor you'll get deep knowledge in Java, and frontend technologies, as well as identity and access management (IAM) technologies, OAuth, etc.

Our product

custom enterprise software development

DPC has been developing custom software for large enterprises for 20+ years. Some of our clients are banks and financial institutions, there are also large e-commerce conglomerations. We are good at understanding the businesses' need before them, specify the requirements and deliver the solutions. We work and live in the cloud, develop microservices and frontends. We have to use the latest tech.

Our mission

We prefer working hard to writing mission statements. :)

Seriously, never get stuck with old technologies, work on interesting projects, create solutions we're all proud of.

What would I miss if I left?

Kara Veronika
			    									- software developer

kooperatív és inspiráló-támogató, és nem versengő, vagy tekintélyelvű a légkör a teamemben és a többi teammel történő együttműködésben.

Kara Veronika , software developer

Office photo

DPC Consulting Kft - Office photo  - Budapest, Záhony u., 1031 Hungary, Graphisoft Park

Team video

DPC Consulting Kft - Team video

What makes our product special

Java React Cloud Computing Microservices terraform

Our story

  1. 1996

    Founders met and won at the Sun Microsystems Java developer contest. Started working together

  2. 2002

    Became Authorized Sun Education Center, teaching pretty much all Java devs in Hungary that time.

  3. 2001

    First Java bootcamp in Hungary one of the firsts in the world. JavaMaster.

  4. 2008

    First big client GE Money HQ, introducing an enterprise service bus.

  5. 2009

    Senior architect at DBS Bank, Singapore

  6. 2018

    Member of Apache Fineract (Mifos) open source core banking for financial inclusion

  7. 2018

    Instant Payment (Azonnali Fizetési Rendszer) simulator for Hungarian banks

  8. 2019

    Mojaloop partner - open source fintech solution. Bill and Melinda Gates foundation project.

  9. 2019

    Microservices in AWS integration solution for the Central Group, Thailand

  10. 2020

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

Although big enough to provide stability, we're also small enough to communicate. Pretty flat organisation structure. Open doors. Currently: open rooms in Discord and Slack.

Favourite thing in the office

DPC Consulting Kft - Favourite thing in the office  - Budapest, Záhony u., 1031 Hungary, Graphisoft Park

Trainings and workshops

We've been teaching devs since the beginning. Of course we can teach our own too. Internal trainings or spots in our public classes. Also supporting doing self-paced trainings and conferences.

Lightning round

Nyakkendő vagy rövidnadrág?
Alapvetően rövidnadrág. Nyilván van, amikor nem.
Mac vagy PC
Linux vagy Mac.
Bringa, BKV vagy autó?
Van pár oklevél a falon.

Why we love our office

Danube. Small rooms, big rooms. Quiet. Trees. HÉV.

Working from home :-)

Personal qualities we appreciate

Want to understand the why. Want to learn.

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Java developer, integration
@DPC Consulting Kft

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