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Professional skills

C++, Go
Microservice experience
Amazon IoT

Personal skills

Advanced English Teamwork Communication Continuous self-learning

Advantage, if...

  • Python
  • Docker
  • AWS
  • MongoDB
  • Kubernetes

Job description

As a senior backend developer you will play a role to shape the direction our product develops. You will be expected to solid, maintainable code, and occasionally to understand the business needs towards rapid iterations, often refactoring, or pivoting, to meet our goals. As a core team member you are encouraged to come up with new ideas for the product, both technically and business-wise.
You can start

Ideal candidate


No qualification required

Language skills

Excellent communication both verbal and written

Office address

Budapest, Építész u. 24, 1116 Magyarország

Work schedule

Core time
10 - 16
Extra payed vacation days

Salary range

Gross monthly salary range
700 000 — 1 000 000 HUF


Team building programs


  • Create new backend services
  • Create documentation
  • Define requirements for our infrastructure

Technologies and tools

S3, Kafka, PostgreSQL, MongoDB Bitbucket, Jenkins Amazon Web Services (AWS) Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket Go, C++, Python Google Apps, Slack

How we work

We use regular morning standups to understand who does what, and if any unexpected issue arises. Our work is organised around the product milestones, which we break down into sprints. We regularly hold brief internal demos of the completed, or even in-progress solutions.

Your future team

Team size
2-5 person
Team age range
30 - 45

What will you learn

  • Data streaming and processing
  • Scaling software on AWS
  • Building redundant solutions
  • Using pubsub architectures

Our product

Indoor positioning solution

Our goal is to revolutionise the indoor-positioning industry via a new, innovative, beacon-free solution.

We work in small, interdisciplinary groups, where teamwork and communication is key. On the technical side we use cutting-edge solutions, and are constantly on the lookout for ways to get ahead of the curve.

Evotrex is a venture-backed company with a lean organizational structure.

Our mission

We are reforming the logistics and manufacturing industries. With cutting-edge scientific research, and modern software, we introduce real-world applications of smart warehouses, supply chains and more.

What would I miss if I left?

			    									- senior developer
The trust towards me, that my work will get done without strict supervision, the flexibility around working hours and the ability to make an impact.
Stephen , senior developer

Office photo

Evotrex Zrt. - Office photo  - Budapest, Építész u. 24, 1116 Magyarország

What makes our product special

Machine learning Hybrid sensor fusion Cloud-based Beaconless solution IoT that works Cutting-edge technology

Our story

  1. 2018.05.18


  2. 2018.06.19

    First financing round

  3. 2019.01.15

    First successful demonstration of the product

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

We are a small team, and our organization is driven by the creativity of each and every individual in the team. We not only listen, but expect you to speak up and contribute.

Favourite thing in the office

Evotrex Zrt. - Favourite thing in the office  - Budapest, Építész u. 24, 1116 Magyarország

Trainings and workshops

Regular hackathons and cross-team collaboration ensures that you can step outside your comfort zone.

Lightning round

at 12, sharp
Star Wars or Ben Hur?
Star Wars
Ties or shorts?

Why we love our office

Dog friendly space, free coffee and beers (or preferred beverage) on Fridays.

Which celebrity would your company be?

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves


Personal qualities we appreciate

Work hard and play hard. Don't be afraid to take initiative. Have a sense of humour and patience towards our sense of humour. Be patient and communicate well - we need that at stressful times.

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Evotrex Zrt.

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