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Professional skills

IT recruitment
Agency tapasztalat

Personal skills

Stress Management proactivity High EQ Self-management Openness, flexibility

Job description

Csapatunk épül-szépül, és most újabb lelkes tagot keresünk a fedélzetünkre. Ha szívesen lennél te az az ember, aki megtalálja partnereinknek a legmegfelelőbb új csapattagot, végzett hallgatóinknak pedig a legjobb új munkahelyet, és nem csak egy másik melót, de egy jó ügyet is keresel akkor ne habozz, jelentkezz még most!

Ideal candidate

Rugalmasság Proaktivitás Magas EQ Self-management


No qualification required
Emberi erőforrás, HR
BA degree

Language skills

Excellent command in spoken and written
Native speaker

Office address

Budapest, Andrássy út 66, 1062 Magyarország

Work schedule

Core time
9:00 - 18:00
You can start at


  • Free coffee
  • Company cellphone
  • Notebook
  • Team building programs


  • Hallgatóink új munkahelyének keresése
  • Kapcsolatápolás ügyfeleinkkel
  • Sales csapat támogatása
  • Hallgatóink szakmai profiljának az elkészítése
  • Hallgatókkal való kapcsolattartás

Technologies and tools

asana Slack

How we work

Csapatunk Holacracy-ban működik.

Team info

Team size
25+ person
Team age range
22 - 43

Our product

Training of Coders, Helping them in Placement

Based on a well-proven Western practice, we are transforming people into junior programmers in 4 months. Afterwards, we outsource our successful students to our partner companies. With this dual activity, our goal is to bridge the gap between IT companies who are fighting for the good professionals on the labor market and those ambitious young people who are seeking better opportunities

Our mission

We want to create an educational space that responds to the current needs and challenges of the labor market.

What would I miss if I left?

			    									- Psychologist, trainer, coach

I love these internally driven people who all work for a good cause every day. We develop each other, and our team members have a good sense of humor.

Nelli , Psychologist, trainer, coach

Office photo

Green Fox Academy - Office photo

Team video

Green Fox Academy - Team video

What makes our product special

International team Education First 4 month bootcamp in Hungary Developing soft-skills Foreign students Startup-style 20+ class of students Downtown, animal-friendly office Legkeresettebb technológiák

Our story

  1. 2015.09.22

    Green Fox Academy Ltd. is registered

  2. 2015.11.10

    Our first junior programmer training starts

  3. 2016.10.18

    Three Junior Programming Classes start up parallel

  4. 2017.10.25

    Our internal agency opens, where students develop in the project phase of the programmer training

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

We operate in a flat organizational structure called Holacracy. Everyone has the opportunity to bring in his own "tension" to our weekly meetings for which we are trying to find a solution together.

Favourite thing in the office

Green Fox Academy - Favourite thing in the office

Trainings and workshops

We spend 10% of our work time on self-training: courses, conferences, english class and coaching sessions. We learn not only from external trainers, but also from inhouse trainings!

Lightning round

We teach people to code from scratch
Most proud of
Our graduate students
Karaoke and board games

Our clients

Green Fox Academy - Our clients
Green Fox Academy - Our clients
Green Fox Academy - Our clients
Green Fox Academy - Our clients
Green Fox Academy - Our clients

Why we love our office

Our "Startup-like" training center is located in the city center, next to development companies, in a classical Andrassy avenue palace building. Our back-office and our renowned programmers' women's classrooms are bright, with their mobile devices easy to rearrange. We have darts, free coffee, and a community space commonly used by the building, which regularly hosts meetups.

Personal qualities we appreciate

We are eager to work for our common goal everyday, and we have the motivation to help people in caring. We all want to develop and learn. Also a good point if you like paprikaskrumpli!

Did you see us in the city? :)

It's a bit like marriage

Green Fox Academy  - It's a bit like marriage

About us

Average age: 30

What do you like to do together after working hours?:
Board games, Karaoke, Cooking Hungarian Goulash

Favourite color: green

Favourite animal: fox

Our team member, Lolka

Follow us

Green Fox Academy

The place where I would work

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