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Professional skills

Swift OR Rx patterns

Personal skills

Be reliable Personal skills for coders? :)

Job description

You will learn: Protocol Oriented Programming / Reactive programming / MVVM You will use: GRDB, Moya, ObjectMapper, Charts, Firebase, Fabric, Crashlytics, R.swift. Sourcery. SwiftLit, SwiftFormat

Our most challenging mobile project, 4D Motion is looking for senior developers. We get motion data from small sensors and use it to build a body model on iOS. Math, cool people and 3D!

You can start

Ideal candidate

  • Senior level, and you even know Swift, or used and liked Rx patterns in other languages
  • You actually understand the code you’ve just copy pasted from stack overflow
  • You talk about algorithms and data structures in smoking breaks, even if you don’t smoke
  • It’s nice if you have open source projects, or other pet projects we can check out

How to apply

  • Application language: Hungarian
  • Application language: English
  • CV or GitHub or Stack overflow or anything


BA degree

Language skills

Excellent communication both verbal and written

Office address

Budapest, Andrássy út 66, 1062 Hungary

Work schedule

Weekly working hours
40 hours/week

Salary range

Gross monthly salary range
500 000 — 800 000 HUF
+ Bonus
End of the year bonus


Fruits Beverages Coffee Snacks
In-house training
Coaching Massage Sports support Team building programs
Notebook Tablet


  • Write Swift code
  • Love Rx patterns

Technologies and tools

Swift Rx Protocol Oriented Programming MVVM

How we work

We do daily standups and we try to do sprints. Actually it turns into something like kanban, like anywhere else :)

Your future team

Team size
11-15 person
Team age range
24 - 45

What will you learn

You will learn a lot about math, 3d, swift, reactive programming, ux and cd/ci.

Our product

A wireless 3D Full Body Motion Capture system for your mobile device. Sensors smaller than a poker chip capture your movements in 3D for analysis right on your smartphone or tablet. The software provides 3D visualization of your movements in 3d so you can get better in sports or improve your help. The development is handled by iMind in the center of Budapest, sales and marketing is in the US.

Our mission

To capture, analyze and train any human movement in seconds. To improve your health and sport performance.

What would I miss if I left?

James Ridyard
			    									- Leading golf instructor, researcher

I think 4D motion is an unbelievable piece of technology. I already knew this was a powerful tool, but it is much more powerful than I ever expected.

James Ridyard , Leading golf instructor, researcher

Office photo

4DMOTION - Office photo  - Budapest, Andrássy út 66, 1062 Hungary

Team video

4DMOTION - Team video

What makes our product special

Unlimited coffee Research & Development Biker friendly Information Technologies Sports Startup Android iOS IoT Health Fitness

Our story

  1. 2016.02

    Moving to Andrássy 66.

  2. 2017.07

    First golf-centric application

  3. 2018.05

    Working on baseball, and reaching major baseball teams

  4. 2018.01

    Starting to work on healthcare-related modules

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

You can build prototypes in your Friday hacking time, and they can be an important part of the product.

Favourite thing in the office

4DMOTION - Favourite thing in the office  - Budapest, Andrássy út 66, 1062 Hungary

Trainings and workshops

The team continuously learn from each other. We do coaching sometimes, could do more often, and it'd be nice to visit more conferences.

Lightning round

Mac or PC
Up to you
Ties or shorts?
Ties for developers?
Favorite decor?
Wine cooler (but we don't drink too often)

Why we love our office

A66 is a creative workspace and community, bringing together companies and talent from tech and design industries in a social and collaborative environment.

Product video

4DMOTION - Product video

Personal qualities we appreciate

Sense of humor and clean code :)
Sensors and phones
About the workplace

What do you like doing together after working hours?
Geeking, soldering, playing board games
Number of people/office space
Whom will you work with?
Product people (coders, qa, etc)


  • Transparency
  • Friendlyness
  • Work life balance: no bullshit

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