Professional skills


Personal skills

Clean code Customer-oriented thinking Keen eye for aesthetics Good team skills Good problem-solving skills

Advantage, if...

You have worked on big and distributed application, in a SAAS business model company. You have been building software in sprints and have worked on/with LMSs engines. Familiarity with 3D content.

Job description

Moovs Digital creates world class digital content, and develops amazing software for immersive product experience. Being part of the final stage of development, beyond realizing the functional and visual core of the page, your task is to assure that the final application delivers a great experience on all target devices.

You can start
From tomorrow

Ideal candidate

If you are pragmatic, passionate, accountable, and take pride in what you do you are our personality match. You have a personal habit of writing clean, well-documented and tested code; you are hungry for great user experience and you have a keen eye for aesthetics and details; you manage to break big problems into small issues.

How to apply

  • Application language: Hungarian
  • Application language: English
  • CV and Cover Letter
  • Github

Do not apply, if...

  • you have less than 4 year experience
  • you do not speak B1 English (at least)
  • never contributed on software development
  • you are not eligible to work in Hungary or EU


BA degree
Technical graduation

Language skills

Excellent communication both verbal and written

Office address

Budapest, Március 15. tér 1, 1056 Hungary

Work schedule

Weekly working hours
40 hours/week
Working hours
09:30 - 18:00


Beverages Coffee
In-house training
SZÉP Card Team building programs

We offer a wider set of benefits starting from a high degree of flexibility, a possibility of extended remote work, and through the possibility to choose among other solutions if Szép Card is not the one you're looking for! 

Notice that due to the current situation, this bonus scheme may be revised upon working condition changes - e.g. we will not organize team buildings if a lock down is implemented.


  • Optimize application for maximum speed and scalability
  • Make suggestions for better solutions to problems
  • Design mobile-based features
  • Build reusable code and libraries for future use
  • Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs

Technologies and tools

React JavaScript AWS Webpack Typescript Git, Slack, Jira HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JSON RESTful APIs Babel

How we work

Moovs Digital's passion is to build branded product discovery experiences with premium creative content to close the gap between our clients and their personnel and customers.

Our fields of expertise are UX/UI design, AR, VR, VFX, and software development for major international brands from the Consumer Electronics, Healthcare and Telecom industries.

Your future team

Team size
16-25 person
Team age range
26 - 52

What will you learn

At Moovs Digital you will learn on how to develop software for the distribution of 3D based content. You will have the opportunity to work with a team of UX/UI designers, and 3D artists, as well as your core team of developers.

We use cloud based technologies and provide our clients the so much desired WOW effect. If you want to have a go at it, you will be able to learn this as well.

Our product

Immersive and near-life product experience

Moovs Digital (previously Quince Hungary) is a retail activation agency with focus on immersive product experience. Our distributed ecosystem of microservices includes eLearning, digital content authoring and visualization software, an Experience Room featuring AR,VR, and MR.

For more than 15 years our expertise has relied on our premium design capabilities and our innovative DNA.

Our mission

Craft the perfect learning journey for your sales team with premium interactive content. Our aim is to support our partners to establish, extend and strengthen their brand's digital presence. The sustained success of our Clients is our personal stake and we take pride in what we do.

What would I miss if I left?

			    									- Bodyguard
I would surely miss all these lovely, devoted people who consider me a full team member.
Sanyika , Bodyguard

Office photo

Moovs Digital - Office photo  - Budapest, Március 15. tér 1, 1056 Hungary

What makes our product special

User friendly Interactive Content Cutting Edge Technology Innovative & Creative Engaging Immersive digital content Branded Customer oriented Real life experience

Our story

  1. 2005.09

    Foundation of Quince Hungary Kft.

  2. 2009.07

    Our office moves to Március 15. tér

  3. 2018.04

    New cafeteria system and flexible working hours introduced

  4. 2019.06

    Becoming the digital branch of Group Moovs

  5. 2020.03

    Switched to optional remote work, for maximum protection and ease of mind for our colleagues

  6. 2020.05

    Same winning team but new brand and new name: Moovs Digital

  7. 2020.09

    Release of our new Core LMS and the brand new Experience Room

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

Company means being together: Moovs Digital is first of all its wonderful employees. Everyone in the team is asked to support the company evolution with new and innovative ideas.

Favourite thing in the office

Moovs Digital - Favourite thing in the office  - Budapest, Március 15. tér 1, 1056 Hungary

Trainings and workshops

It is in our Moovs DNA to work as a team and learn from each other. We constantly broaden our knowledge and skills through in-house workshops and by investigating new technologies.

Lightning round

Beer, wine or shot?
All of them + lemonade!
Ties or shorts?
What's more comfy for you?
Star Wars or Ben Hur?
Star Wars in general, but open to discover more!

Our clients

Moovs Digital - Our clients
Moovs Digital - Our clients
Moovs Digital - Our clients
Moovs Digital - Our clients
Moovs Digital - Our clients

Why we love our office

We love our office, we have spent many long days and had wonderful parties here, until the COVID-19 forced us to rethink our new normality. Our office is becoming a social space, where our team can meet to come to invent, spend time together in a stimulating environment. Our wonderful Fusball table, handmade Arcade, VR set and other amenities will accompany a new life within the office space.

Product video

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Which celebrity would your company be?

Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson


Personal qualities we appreciate

We like special. What does it mean to us? Talented, passionate, proactive, pragmatic, open-minded, team-player, accountable. We are proud of our diverse and inclusive spirit.

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