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Professional skills

Microsoft’s cloud services
Debian/Ubuntu Linux operation
Virtualisation technologies
TCP/IP networks
Experience in operating Cisco equipment

Job description

The successful candidate will play an active role in operating NNG’s background machinery and equipment as a system engineer.

Office address

Budapest, Szépvölgyi út 35, 1037 Magyarország


  • Ensuring safety of the servers and network devices
  • Updating the applied technology
  • Planning, implementation, maintenance, fine-tuning
  • Identifying causes of complex problems
  • Troubleshooting

Our product

We at NNG shape the industry of automotive software technologies, with a special focus on navigation, software prototyping services, and cyber security.  Our software solutions are now running on the cars of more than 30 car brands, including 7 from the top 10 car makers. Our award-winning strategy helped us become the fastest growing company in Europe in 2014. 

What makes our product special

Tech Product development Information Technologies Automotive

Lightning round

Nyakkendő vagy rövidnadrág?
Amit csak szeretnél
Star Wars vagy Ben Hur?
Sérti a fülemet ez a hitetlen beszéd...
Kedvenc dekor?
Mortal Kombat játékgép
Millióknak segítünk hazajutni naponta

Our clients

NNG - Our clients
NNG - Our clients
NNG - Our clients
NNG - Our clients
NNG - Our clients

Product video

NNG - Product video

A munkahelyről

Emberek száma/iroda
6-8 fő
Kikkel fogsz együtt dolgozni?
Fejlesztők, tesztelők, specialisták
Hány meeting van hetente?
5 stand up biztosan :)

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