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Professional skills

Customer support experience
Problem-solving skills
Customer-oriented mindset
Technical & IT interest
Kommunikációs készségek

Personal skills

Empathy Sense of humour Team work

Job description

Beyond developing cutting edge technologies, Rollet also excels at providing services to customers at the highest levels of expectation. We’re seeking new members to join our team to help our customers and app users alike, manage relationships, and gather feedback from them as inputs for improving our services.

You can start
from tomorrow

How to apply

  • Application language: English
  • CV


No qualification required

Language skills

Excellent communication both verbal and written

Office address

Budapest, Vörösmarty tér 7, 1051 Magyarország

Work schedule

Weekly working hours
40 hours/week
Core time
9:30 - 16:00


Team building programs
Business phone Notebook


  • Manage relationships with B2B customers, hold product onboarding training
  • Provide customer support for B2C users
  • Work with great independence and possess big authority and knowledge to solve issues
  • Be the voice of the customer and propose product improvements based on customer expectations & needs
  • Work with great independence and possess big authority to solve problems

Our product

🚘 Rollet

Enabling seamless drive-through payments for any car.

Our mission

Let's bring freedom for big cities by eliminating parking cars!

What would I miss if I left?

			    									- Director of Product Engineering
If I'd leave Rollet I'd miss the constant challenges, the opportunity to learn, grow and mentor, and that we build something innovative together.
Zoli , Director of Product Engineering

Office photo

Rollet - Office photo  - Budapest, Vörösmarty tér 7, 1051 Magyarország

What makes our product special

Tech Finance Information Technologies Automotive IoT Security

Our story

  1. 2017.07

    The founding team comes together

  2. 2017.10

    Raised first €400k in seed investment

  3. 2017.12

    Shipped first version of Rollet technology at live locations

  4. 2018.06

    First public parking locations debuted

  5. 2018.12

    Raised €1.6M for further growth

  6. 2019.06

    Launched 30th location

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

The company environment is transparent, therefore every opinion and feedback from the colleagues count.

Favourite thing in the office

Rollet - Favourite thing in the office  - Budapest, Vörösmarty tér 7, 1051 Magyarország

Trainings and workshops

We grow and learn together. 20 % of your working hours are actually dedicated to learning a new thing every week. Sounds cool, huh?

Lightning round

Star Wars or Ben Hur?
Star Wars
Ties or shorts?
Sex ratio?
1:1, it's a tight game :)

Why we love our office

  1. Many lovely friendly companies around here.
  2. Many lovely restaurants.
  3. Many lovely people work here, though that's location independent.
  4. Dennis visits us sometimes. He's a dog.
  5. And the view is lovely, too.

Product video

Rollet - Product video

Personal qualities we appreciate

If you are humorous, have ambition and able to collaborate with others with a positive attitude, you'll feel yourself to be the part of the team in no time!

#rollet #websummit2019

Join us!

Join our team to work with experts in the given departments. Get ready for new challenges and authority in order to make out the most of yourself! But don't worry, we will give you all the support you need.

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