Professional skills

Google Sheets
Time management
Campaign Management
Freelancer management

Personal skills

Structured and proactive Decide and act responsible Curious and willing to learn Team player AND independent Creative & analytical thinker

Advantage, if... understand CTR and clickbait understand the full scope of your financial responsibility can be creative within the constraints of policy

+Proven track record of independent work

Job description

We are looking for a new team member who can take over the tasks of creating adverts for content recommendation platforms, and reverse engineering content pieces from engaging clickbait creatives.

We require great independence from team members, and affinity to manage their own teams of freelancers from all over the world - from posting the job to payments and more.

If you have it in you, APPLY!

You can start
in July

Ideal candidate

Creative with a splash of discipline, always learning about new things.

Easily tunes in with thought processes of others - colleagues or target audience.

A team player who takes responsibility, has a naturally curious personality - who works with a strong focus and efficiency.

Independent, plans own work,to identify and outsource repetitive tasks, then hire and manage own virtual assistants.

Salary range

Net monthly salary range
250 000 — 350 000 HUF
+ Bonus

Quarterly bonus determined by performance and individual improvement, based on revenue.


In-house training Training contribution
Team building programs

How to apply

  • Language of application: Hungarian, English
  • Self-branding profile
  • CV
  • Salary Expectations

Do not apply, if...

  • can't plan and execute your day or week without help - even your month or quarter, down the road!
  • can't stay on track without someone reminding you to
  • can't ask the dumbest questions with a brave face if you need an answer you REALLY don't have
  • don't have a strong moral compass that you CAN filter out if needed


Any level degree
Media and communications
Any level degree
Any level degree
Any level degree
Any level degree

Language skills

Conversational level
Conversational level

Office address

Budapest, Magyarország

Work schedule

Weekly working hours
40 hours/week
Core time
12 - 16


  • Clickbait creation and research - compliant with different partner policies and yielding good CTR
  • Experience with advertisement campaigns, understanding financial responsibility for starting one
  • Google Sheets, Project management software,Photoshop/other image editing software (video is a plus!)
  • Image search skills, based on specific set of requirements, Internet research skills
  • Campaign creation and management, including repetitive tasks + hiring freelancers to do them for you

Technologies and tools

Google Sheets Slack Wordpress Google Keyword Planner Content recommendation ads Spytools for Native Ads

How we work

We are an independent and mostly horizontal team, with stakeholders and project owners, striving to achieve best results, and creating our own success story. Success happens in a supportive enviroment.

In the past years we had scaled up to the limits of our human capacities, and identified areas where we need specialists to step in so we can reach the next milestone and smash right through it.

Your future team

Team size
2-5 person
Team age range
28 - 34
Team size
2-5 person
Team age range
28 - 34

What will you learn

to Build, Manage and Maintain your own remote team of freelancers

to research with spytools and search engines, to find the perfect clickbait

the anatomy of good clickbait - and how to Frankenstein them!

We are family and pet friendly

Our product

Outrageously Good Clickbait

We create content for the masses, and are generally under the radar as a company - we don't matter, the headlines and creative images do.

From short household tricks articles to massive, 50+ item compilations of celebrities who have an odd middle name, we do it all, even dabble in video creation, affiliate and eCommerce.

Our mission

We use data science and real-time analytics to adapt our content and strategy to the current interests of audiences, catering to a variety of personas.

Our Mission
is to entertain, enrich, inform people across the internet, via various channels, through lighthearted and more serious content pieces, from text to video.

Striving to stay relevant every year, every month, every week, every day.

What would I miss if I left?

			    									- Head of Content

"I would miss the people, the freedom and the challenges and responsibilities. And the relaxed atmosphere. I am really creative and productive here. "

Eszter , Head of Content

Office photo

Robust Digital - Office photo  - Budapest, Magyarország

What makes our product special

Internet of Things Stability Clickbait is fun Human Behaviour

Our story

  1. 2015.02

    Founded company and started experimenting

  2. 2018.09

    Started to expand the team and developed own dashboard

  3. 2021.01

    New era in recruitment and growth - with focus on Campaign and Content management

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

We are a small team and whatever you do or don't do will have an effect on the overall performance of the company - we count on everyone to maintain a healthy atmosphere, so we can achieve greatness.

Favourite thing in the office

Robust Digital - Favourite thing in the office  - Budapest, Magyarország

Trainings and workshops

We are always sharing new skills and interesting bits of knowledge, that's what keeps the company alive. If you feel a course will increase your productivity, we 100% support you doing it.

Lightning round

Average age?
30ish, as we age, we need more youngsters!
Sex ratio?
About 50/50, and inclusive.
Memes and clickbait.

Why we love our office

We all work from home - have been for 2 years. We work in coworking offices on an as needed basis, especially for the onboarding period. Meeting up for coffee or drinks is optional.
The virtual assistants would have a hard time, commuting from all over the world, anyway.

Which celebrity would your company be?

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey


Personal qualities we appreciate

Creative with a splash of discipline
Understand people easily - ask the right questions
Curious person with a desire to learn
Social, but fine to work alone
Pattern recognition lvl99

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