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Professional skills

Relevant professional exp.
Testing web and mobile apps
Define test cases
Test tool knowledge
Experience in impact analysis.

Personal skills

Good communication skill Focus on details Accuracy, precision Wholistic thinking Ability to work alone @ team

Job description

As a QA Engineer, you'll be working on mission critical and complex custom-designed, business applications that use a wide range of the latest technologies. We are looking for talented, forward looking individuals with varying levels of work experience with an aptitude for learning new domains and testing methodologies.

You can start


Any level degree

Language skills

Conversational level

Office address

Budapest, Bég u., 1022 Hungary

Office address

Pécs, Majorossy Imre u. 36, 7625 Magyarország

Office address

Szeged, Kígyó u. 4, 6720 Magyarország

Work schedule

Weekly working hours
40 hours/week


Fruits Beverages Breakfast Coffee Snacks
Conference support In-house training Training contribution
SZÉP Card Private Health Care Team building programs


  • Demonstrate strategic thinking and creativity when developing tests.
  • Understand of full sw.dev. life cycle development right from the requirements gathering to delivery.
  • Be comfortable across a whole range of functional and cross-functional testing.
  • Good sense for understanding business problems and finding potential error cases.
  • Work in an agile development team to build enterprise and high-scale applications
How we work...

Fantastic flexibility in terms of working hours and location – working from the comfort of your home or starting the day in our modern and well-equipped office? It is your choice!

We consider work-life harmony as a must!.

Our product

Custom-designed business applications

We are creating complex custom-designed business applications that use a wide range of the latest technologies. We are dedicated to the art of software delivery by keeping it lightweight and agile and utilizing the full power of open source and state of the art technologies.

Our mission

We hire the best talented people, we trust them, and give them the opportunity to learn new things every day. We build great products in a technology driven community and continuously improve our knowledge.

In our family friendly environment, we operate with flexible working hours, sometimes we work from home, sometimes we come to work with our kids, and it's totally fine.

Office photo

Sonrisa Informatika - Office photo  - Budapest, Bég u., 1022 Hungary

What makes our product special

C# Information Technologies Java .NET Informatics Startup Agile Android iOS Breakfast Node.js

Our story

  1. 2007

    The founding of the company

  2. 2008

    The Pecs location joins the company

  3. 2016

    We open an office in Szeged

  4. 2019

    Our site in Marosvasarhely opens

  5. 2020

    A new site in Nagyvarad!

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

We are very open to the opinion of our employees! Since all our company leaders actively work with the employees at the office, there is always an opportunity to share feedback over a coffee!

Favourite thing in the office

Sonrisa Informatika - Favourite thing in the office  - Budapest, Bég u., 1022 Hungary

Trainings and workshops

Sonrisa has an all-around training and mentoring program. Furthermore we are glad to support our colleagues in their efforts to get professional certifications or visit conferences by training aids.

Lightning round

Bike, public transport or car?
All three
Smiles :)

Why we love our office

Brunches, green surroundings, fresh air and never-ending coffee :)

Product video

Sonrisa Informatika - Product video

Personal qualities we appreciate

Professionality, enthusiasm, dedication to our profession and last but not least: loyalty. We promote diversity in all its forms.

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Sonrisa Informatika

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