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Professional skills

Full stack web technologies
Javascript, ES6, HTML5, CSS
Node.js, React.js
Clean Code
Excellent analytical skills

Personal skills

Team player Agile mindset Collaborative Release early, release often Share your knowledge

Even better…

You are an A-player

Job description

We are growing our engineering team and looking for an amazing Junior Full Stack Engineer to join us working on exciting projects across various stages of the user journey, such as:

  • work with the latest and greatest tech: Node, React / Next.js, Serverless, ES6+
  • work with our team to provide expertise, ship high-quality products
  • help refine our own process towards best performance and most fun

Ideal candidate

Passionate Open-minded Good communicator Self-motivated Open to innovation Flexible mindset



Language skills

Excellent command in spoken and written

Office address

Budapest, Szent István krt. 20, 1137 Magyarország

Work schedule

Core time
09:00 - 17:00
You can start at

Salary range

Gross monthly salary range
HUF 350 000 — 500 000


  • Coaching
  • Free beverages
  • Free snacks
  • In-house trainings
  • Company cellphone
  • Notebook
  • Team building programs


  • Work with our team to ship high-quality products
  • Be agile and help refine our own process
  • Work through a variety of technical challenges
  • Collaborate across internal functions
  • Deploy to production from day one

Technologies and tools

Frontend: JavaScript, ES6+ Backend: Serverless(Node.js AWS Lambda) Kubernetes, ElasticSearch AWS Kinesis, AWS Aurora AWS DynamoDB, AWS S3 Python 3, Scrapy React, Next.js,SASS

How we work

  • Small cross-functional team
  • Monthly/Biweekly Goals
  • Kanban & Scrum
  • GitLab
  • MRs
  • Slack
  • Trello

Team info

Team size
6-10 person
Team age range
25 - 42

What you will learn

  • Serverless, AWS technologies
  • SSR / SPA apps (Next.js)
  • Scraping technologies
  • Growth hacking
  • Anything that creates value


  • 30" display
  • Macbook
  • Printer
  • Large desks (160x80)

You will work with

Balazs Jilling
							    							    								    			- Software Engineer

"Kávé, kávé, kávé"

Balazs Jilling , Software Engineer
Csongor Zonda
							    							    								    			- Software Engineer

"Move fast and break things"

Csongor Zonda , Software Engineer
Denes Draskovits
							    							    								    			- CFO

"No document, no problem"

Denes Draskovits , CFO
Laszlo Kardos
							    							    								    			- CEO

"Csak az nem hibázik, aki nem dolgozik."

Laszlo Kardos , CEO

Our product


Trekhunt is a fast growing travel technology startup. We are building a search engine specialised in outdoor adventure tours & activities. We want to help people find the best adventures out there no matter where they are on the planet.

Our mission

Our goal was to create a platform where you can find every outdoor adventure tour and activity of the world as quick as possible. We are passionate about trekking as well as technology. This is why we enhanced all its advantages to build Trekhunt. We truly believe that our product can connect the members of this community and support people to find harmony in nature.

What would I miss if I left?

Draskovits Dénes
			    									- Chief Financial Officer

"A szemléletmód. Az, hogy látjuk a befektetett munka értékét és inspiráljuk egymást. Hiszen tudjuk, csak az eső után láthatjuk meg a szivárványt :)"

Draskovits Dénes , Chief Financial Officer

Office photo

Trekhunt - Office photo

What makes our product special

Community building Innovative Trendy technologies globális A világ összes túrája

Our story

  1. 2016.05.01

    Trekhunt online kalandtúra keresőmotor gondolatának felmerülése.

  2. 2018.07.01

    Vállalat megalapítása.

  3. 2018.09.01

    A világ legnagyobb túravezető cége, az ausztrál Intrepid Travel a partnerünkké válik.

  4. 2018.12.01

    Trekhunt keresőmotor 1.0 éles elindulása.

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

Rendszeresen tartunk brainstroming workshopokat. Segítünk és támogatunk mindenkit, hogy a megfelelő eszközökkel ki tudja dolgozni kreatív ötleteit és felelősségteljesen meg tudja valósítani azokat.

Favourite thing in the office

Trekhunt - Favourite thing in the office

Trainings and workshops

Here you have the chance to grow and become larger than yourself. We appreciate your opinion and let you make your own decisions, while we provide the latest and greatest tech stack to work with.

Lightning round

Trekking, síelés, túrázás és minden, ami természet
Csúszás vagy túlóra?

Our clients

Trekhunt - Our clients
Trekhunt - Our clients

Why we love our office

  • Kiváló elhelyezkedés, közlekedés
  • Csendes
  • Otthonos világos lakásiroda
  • Padlófűtés
  • Sok növény
  • Pázsit :)
  • Kanapé, PlayStation
  • Hatalmas konyha
  • Gyönyörű tusoló, fürdő

Which celebrity would your company be?

Bud Spencer

Bud Spencer


Personal qualities we appreciate

  • Humour
  • Creativity
  • Self-reliance
  • Dare to ask questions
  • Ready to help
  • Enjoy new challenges
  • Get the most out of situations
  • Deliver what you promise

Hatalmas asztalok

Kardos László
			    									- CEO
"Csak az nem hibázik, aki nem dolgozik"
Kardos László , CEO

A pázsit :)

A PS és User Testing corner

Follow us


The place where I would work

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