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Professional skills

Native fluency in English
Great communication skills
Teaching experience
Passion for language teaching
Passion for technology

Personal skills

Team player Flexible Dedicated Have passion

Job description

You’re probably bored with textbook English and you want to be part of something that is beyond the usual textbooks, workbooks, and dictionaries? You also think that teachnology (pun-intended) should really help teachers and learners alike?

Let creativity wash you away and help our current content team create exciting learning content from videos for 200 000 learners of the world.

Ideal candidate

Flexible Creative Innovative Likes to teach Think outside the box Google it before you ask it Likes to learn


Teacher training and education science
No qualification required

Language skills

Native speaker

Office address

Debrecen, Árpád tér 27, 4028 Magyarország

Work schedule

Core time
09:00 - 15:00
You can start at
Extra payed vacation days


  • Coaching
  • Free coffee
  • Free snacks
  • In-house trainings
  • Team building programs


  • Assist our current content team
  • English learning content development
  • Designing and conceptualising interactive content
  • Proofread
  • Conduct research to discover feature ideas

Technologies and tools

Slack Trello zeplin Dropbox

Team info

Team size
6-10 person
Team age range
24 - 33

What you will learn

  • Ins & outs of e-learning
  • Ins & outs of mobile learning
  • Communication to customers
  • Marketing
  • Chatbot development

Learners from around the world

Job location

Debrecen, Hungary

Hogyan jelentkezz?

  • Küld el nekünk fényképes önéletrajzodat és motivációs leveledet
  • Kérlek ne küldj nekünk sablon motivációs levelet, amit másnak is elküldesz. Kérlek írj nekünk egyet külön :)

Our product

Your private language teacher

Motivation. This is what the Xeropan apps (iOS, Android & Web) offer to language learners. Learn English with actual topics, entertaining lessons and get practical knowledge.

Our mission

We’re out to change the world of language learning, one learner at a time.

The Xeropan educational apps teach efficient English communication 👄 to nearly 200 000 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 people over 155 countries. 🌎 A team of 10+ people from Debrecen, Hungary decided that they’d build the best language educational software of the world.

What would I miss if I left?

Fagyal Bence
			    									- Tananyagfejlesztő vezető

Nekem hiányoznának az emberek, a csapat. Hiányozna hogy van szavam a projectekben és hogy én osztom be az időmet.

Fagyal Bence , Tananyagfejlesztő vezető

Office photo

Xeropan - Office photo  - Debrecen, Árpád tér 27, 4028 Magyarország

Team video

Xeropan - Team video

What makes our product special

Education Innovative Motiváló Hatékony Kommunikatív Játékos Legjobb Magyar Mobil

Our story

  1. 2013.09.01

    The two founders (the English teacher and the businessman) started brainstorming about the idea.

  2. 2014.02.01

    First 500 000 USD of successful fundraising

  3. 2016.06.01

    Launching Xeropan with all the expertise we gathered in the previous 10 years.

  4. 2017.04.01

    100 000 downloaders; teaching English through 15 of the most popular languages now

  5. 2018.03.01

    200 000 downloaders from 150 countries of the world. We started working a revamped Xeropan (3.0)

  6. 2018.05.01

    Our second successful fundraising with 900 000 USD in the pocket.

  7. 2019.04.01

    A completely revamped Xeropan UI and UX. Launching Xeropan web app also.

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

Your job does matter here, it will affect millions of people and you will create real value to the world.🤟

Favourite thing in the office

Xeropan - Favourite thing in the office  - Debrecen, Árpád tér 27, 4028 Magyarország

Trainings and workshops

We work with a number of external experts that give regular workshops to the team.

Lightning round

Ties or shorts?
Average age?

Our clients

Xeropan - Our clients

Why we love our office

We got this cosy little huge (240m2) large office in the heart of Debrecen. You guys are welcome to bring your dogs as well.

Product video

Xeropan - Product video

Which celebrity would your company be?

Richard Dean Anderson

Richard Dean Anderson

Professionally conscious

Personal qualities we appreciate

We also think that humility is a great quality, don’t you worry we’re not looking for rockstars or superheroes. We’re as much interested in You as a person as in your talent.

Learners from around the world

Miért jó velünk dolgozni?

  • ingyen kávé, friss gyümölcs, snack, csoki stb. ☕
  • születésnapok alkalmával free holiday 🏖️
  • kutyabarát munkahely🐕
  • dolgozz havonta pár napot otthonról 🏠
  • rugalmasság - menj el hamarabb munkából, dolgozd le bármikor, vagy ne :) ⏰
  • átlag életkor 28⌛
  • lehetőség arra, hogy tanulj és kipróbáld magad izgalmas projektekben💯
  • valós felelősség és lehetőség arra, hogy kipróbáld az ötleteidet💡

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