): Lezárt álláshirdetés. Erre az állásra már nem tudsz jelentkezni, de görgess lejjebb és böngéssz a hasonló állások között! Reméljük te is megtalálod az álomállásod!

Szakmai ismeretek

Backend engineering (node.js)
Some full-stack experience
Some (big) data engineering xp
Technology leadership

Emberi tulajdonságok

Being nice with people A real, hard working partner Good sense of humour Hungry to deliver smth huge 10% craziness

Még jobb, ha...

Some xp in our whole stack
Some recommendation engine xp
Interest in ML and AI
Mentoring, teaching experience
Xp in remote, distributed team

Állás leírása

A senior developer's wanted to join us as a CTO co-founder.

Why 2 join? This's an opportunity to be part in a potential global startup success (we've a validated product in development). Not to mention the competitive salary & the partner-level stock options.

What are we building? Imagine a tribe learning together –, continually sharing fresh knowledge with each other.

Let's talk!

Az ideális jelentkező

Xp in leading smaller teams Senior engineer, min. 5 yrs xp Node.js experience Xp in product / startup dev DevOps mindset Love helping people to grow


Nem kell papír


Társalgási szint
Társalgási szint

Iroda cím

Budapest, Millenáris park, 1024 Magyarország


11:00 - 11:30
Ekkor kezdhetsz


Havi bruttó fizetési sáv
1 000 000 Ft fölött


  • Coaching
  • Konferencia támogatási keret
  • Ingyen üdítő
  • Ingyen kávé
  • Parkolási támogatás
  • Csapatépítő programok


  • The most important: shipping high quality code
  • Leading & managing the engineering on daily basis
  • CTO-level planning & decision-making
  • Take part in the recommendation engine development
  • Participating in the product vision & strategy dev

Technológiák, eszközök

MySQL AWS Typescript Docker Kubernetes Angular 6 Node.js (inversify, express) OpenAPI Neo4j

Így dolgozunk mi

  • Honesty + transparency + decency + integrity

  • Agile product development (a mix of scrum, kanban, xp), driven by lean customer dev methodology
  • Self-management is our core
  • Daily standups, weekly sprints ending with demos, monthly retro
  • Management softwares we use currently (replaceable): Asana, Slack, Toggl, Trello, Gitlab...
  • Remote on demand

  • Having as much fun as possible
  • Building a family-like atmosphere

A csapat számokban

Csapat mérete
2-5 fő
Legfiatalabb, legidősebb kolléga életkora
33 - 35

Mit fogsz tanulni

  • Big data engineering
  • Recommendation engine
  • Machine learning & AI
  • Scaling a product globally

Leendő kollégáid

Kaizer Gábor, MBA
							    							    								    			- head of product & growth

I am a firestarter.

Kaizer Gábor, MBA , head of product & growth
Tigyi Bettina
							    							    								    			- head of UX/UI design

I am perfect, pixelperfect. :)

Tigyi Bettina , head of UX/UI design
Salló László
							    							    								    			- Mentor (EPAM, CEU)


Salló László , Mentor (EPAM, CEU)

Be a real founding partner

Be a co-owner! We delegate partner-level stock options with relatively low cliff and 4 year vesting. If we can make our product successful together, you will have a big pay check bonus at the end of the day! ;)

How to apply

Please follow the instructions in the reply e-mail.



GetSkilled I/O is going to be a social learning network to help professionals in the efficient and satisfying skill acquisition. Our platform's first feature is a crowdsourced social feed which personalizes online content, education opportunity and professional event recommendations along with the user’s learning & development goals. The product vision is to build a learning / career path AI. 🐝


We believe mastering a craft can make lives meaningful & drive humans forward. –– Our mission is to build a platform to guide humankind through the emerging robot age. The rise of the machines will disrupt our work as we know it today. And in this new era we will need new supporting tools in order to manage the acquisition of new knowledge & skills. GetSkilled I/O is built for that purpose. Join!

Mi hiányozna, ha elmennék?

Peter Halacsy
			    									- Advisor

"Hello. Vallalom a mentorsagot, mert a tema érdekel es az osszeszedett lenduletetek nagyon tetszik."

Peter Halacsy , Advisor

Fotó az irodáról

GetSkilled.io - Fotó az irodáról

Munka-magánélet egyensúly


Ettől különleges a termékünk

Vision: global product Ambition: support pple to grow Niche: future of education & innovative HRtech solution Investment, so far: 130k € Stack: Node/TypeScript/Angular Stage: semifinal MVP Launch: in cca. 1 month Top-tier advisors & incubators


  1. 2017.05.06

    The brainchild is born

  2. 2017.09.06

    Design Terminal Incubator Program got started

  3. 2017.12.22

    Funding for incubation from Hiventures

  4. 2018.01.15

    Development started with a 4-member cross-functional product team

  5. 2018.07.13

    100k € funding secured

  6. 2018.07.17

    Our HQ moved to the Millenáris Startup Campus

  7. 2018.10.01

    New CTO on the board ;)

  8. 2018.11.10

    Close beta launch

Hogy szólhatnak bele az alkalmazottak a cég életébe?

The consensus's the only way! "A process that not only seeks the agreement of most participants, but also to resolve or mitigate the objections of the minority to achieve the most agreeable decision.”

Kedvenc tárgy az irodában

GetSkilled.io - Kedvenc tárgy az irodában

Így képezzük a kollégákat

  • Annual 1k € budget for every full-time employee for their own professional development – spend as you wish
  • A small plus: there will be a lot of free-of-charge events in our MillenárisStartupCampus HQ


Átlag életkor?
Kedvenc dekor?
Macskuszpitekusz 🐈
Nemek aránya?
Correct 🍎

Ezt szeretjük a legjobban az irodában

We are among the earliest community members of the Millenáris Startup Campus. The new coolest startup spot in the town. Driven people everywhere, passion in the air. :) An awesome loft building with rooftop, chess ♞♖ and lot of sunlight. Perfect location. We love to grab something to drink 🍻 after work in the neighbourhood or sometimes just chill ⛱️ in the park together during the lunchtime.

Tulajdonságok, amiket értékelünk

  • Being nice with people
  • A real, hard working partner
  • You love to work independently, as well as playing well with others
  • You love what you do
  • Resilience
  • Good sense of humour

Budapest NewTech Meetup

Design Terminal Power Camp

Design Terminal Power Camp

Itt követhetsz minket


A hely, ahol szívesen dolgoznék

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Ajánlott állások

Állást hirdetnél?

Szeretnétek Ti is ilyen menő cégprofilokkal és álláshirdetésekkel megjelenni a DreamJo.bs oldalán?

Mutasd meg miért jó Nálatok dolgozni, majd találd meg velünk könnyen és gyorsan a hozzád legjobban illő kollégákat!

Állást keresel?

A DreamJo.bs más, mint a többi állásportál. Mi segítünk, hogy valóban olyan helyen találj munkát, amit bírni fogsz!

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