Web development experience
Communication / Patience
Project Management
Analytical skills

Even better

Software development
Patient, friendly

Job description

We are looking for an amazing customer success person to join our rapidly expanding international team in Budapest.

We need someone who is speaks fluent English, a people-person who is an excellent communicator and has a great technological understanding.

If you have some web development background and are looking to get into a customer facing role, this would be a great opportunity for you!

Office address

Budapest, Visegrádi u. 31, 1132 Hungary


  • Liaison between the customer and our team.
  • On-boarding customers and configuring their search
  • Up-sell our other products
  • Influencing product development based on feedback
  • Work closely with sales, meet customers

What you will learn

  • Technology skills
  • Sales skills
  • Product development skills
  • Presentation
  • Project Management

Don't apply if ...

  • Don't like to talk to customers
  • Don't like to hang out with colleagues
  • Have a negative attitude
  • Like to be told exactly what to do
  • Do not want to improve yourself

Our product

We help shoppers find the perfect product they are looking for on eCommerce websites by improving the product search experience.

What makes our product special

Research & Development Product development Information Technologies Big Data Agile Azure Hadoop Algorithm design


  • Transparent
  • All equity is owned by the team
  • Sales always gets high commission
  • Long term thinking
  • Grow fast by doing
  • The pie can always get bigger


We are always looking for engineers who love coding, data mining, machine learning or natural language processing. Contact us any time if you want to learn more!

Rules we live by

  • Genchi genbutsu: you know nothing until you talk to your customers
  • Attitude is more imprtant than talent
  • Execution is more important than ideas
  • Adaptability is more important than experience
  • Group performance is more important than induvidual output
  • You can criticize anything, but only if you offer an alternative

What we value

If you want to create big plans and strategy and let others do the work - we are not looking for you!

"Be a doer, not a talker – history belongs to the doers."

Growth targets 2017

  • 10x MRR
  • 15x Annual Revenue
  • 3x Team size
  • 10x Customer count
  • 10x Valuation

Prefixbox team

Prefixbox - Prefixbox team

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