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Our Mission

Our mission is to help developers make excellent software. Software that people want and love to use. We provide tools and knowledge to software development teams.

Our product


StoriesOnBoard is a user story mapping tool that helps remote teams understand the user needs, prioritize the right ideas and collaborate with everyone around your user story map. We have 1100 customers all over the world.

What would I miss if I left?

A stress-free work atmosphere would certainly be lacking, as well as monthly team-building sessions: D


Office address

Pécs, Koller u. 7, 7626 Hungary

Office photo

DevMads - Office photo  - Pécs, Koller u. 7, 7626 Hungary

What makes our product special

Agile Innovation IT useful GLobal collaboration user story mapping likable :)

Our story

  1. 2013.02

    Founders start working on StoriesOnBoard

  2. 2014.09

    The public beta is launched

  3. 2016.06

    First paying customers!!!

  4. 2016.09

    600 customers, office, full-time work on StoriesOnBoard

  5. 2018.12

    1400 customers, 12 team members, 650.000$ ARR

  6. 2019.12

    15 team members, 700.000$ ARR

  7. 2020.10

    17 team members, 1M$ ARR

  8. 2021.01

    Welcome! :) Head to the enterprise market!

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

We believe in agile mindset: collaboration, flexibility, trust, transparency, continuous improvement...

Favourite thing in the office

DevMads - Favourite thing in the office  - Pécs, Koller u. 7, 7626 Hungary

Trainings and workshops

We provide the time, equipment or training. We are constantly learning! About profession, business, market, ourselves ...

Lightning round

Being late or overtime?
Mac or PC
What you need
Ties or shorts?
Your choice

Our clients

DevMads - Our clients
DevMads - Our clients
DevMads - Our clients
DevMads - Our clients
DevMads - Our clients

Why we love our office

We love our office, that's all. Modern, colourful, flexible, playful ... we can find everything we need. Relax room, cafe, meeting rooms. It’s open, but we also have many opportunities to retire and focus on individual work as well.

Product video

DevMads - Product video

Personal qualities we appreciate

  • You appreciate freedom and flexibility, you take the opportunity fairly
  • You are open and honest, able to give constructive feedback to the other
  • You take care of your community, even during home office

What will you do

StoriesOnBoard has a stable, international, largely SMB user base. It is a Saas tool that grew organically with online marketing and self-service subscription.

We want to multiply the subscription value by targeting the enterprise market. Soul-killing cold calls? Forget it! We already have a couple of large corporate subscribers and we have a good lead-gen process.

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