What We Do

Lab.Coop is an entrepreneur owned tech venture builder. We apply Holacracy and practice extreme transparency.

We develop and service these portfolio companies so far:

  • Chain.Reaction: the digital product lab
  • Green Fox Academy: a software and hardware school
  • SmartWare.tech: a pre-seed hardware and IoT fund 
Budapest, Andrássy út 66, 1062 Hungary


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Number of meetings/week
As many as you consider useful

Partner, Co-Owner

We earn less cash than what we could at top-tier companies. We invest the difference into the company and we get real shares, not the usual employee stock options. The company is an employee-owned corporation, the more time your spend here and the more senior you are the bigger your share. If the company goes well, we all benefit.

We invite you to work as an entrepreneur in a partnership, share in the risk and the thrill. This is not the place for you if you want smooth and low-risk employment.



We all have strong autonomy. To avoid self-management turning into anarchy we have limitations and expectations. With limitations you won’t bump into invisible fences, and you can do anything that is not explicitly limited. We use Holacracy instead of peer pressure or consensus-building.

Distributed authority only work if you do your part. We expect behavior that are usually only associated with leaders. E.g. improving our team, workplace, communication, expectations, and processes.


of working at Lab.Coop is that we create the company together. If we sense a gap between ideals and reality, Partners have the opportunity and responsibility to act towards resolving the tension. We want people who will participate in hard, sometimes tense conversations about what the company is and should be. It's not easy, because blaming your boss or your client doesn't fly in this context. It's also liberating, because each of us has real power.

Andrássy út 66


Do you take responsibility or do you look for someone to decide for you?

We intend to treat you as a responsible adult. If you play victim and expect someone to save you from your circumstances, we’ll remind you: you have the choice to take responsibility or to be a victim. Please do the same for us.

We ask you to treat everyone else as responsible adult. If you play Heroic-Savior and thus victimize others, we’ll help you realize it and let go. Please do the same for us.

Lab.Coop needs a special breed of people, who are excellent at what they do, are capable of self-management and are  willing to act as co-owners of an experimental organization.

Startup Studio Playbook

Do you want a job?

Then this place isn’t for you. Lab.Coop is a new kind of company. We are 100% co-owned. We are not hiring, we are looking for partners.

Founders’ Feel

  • Stock: Ownership materialized in the forms of real stocks. 
  • Distributed Authority: Systemic solutions to make influence and freedom scale. 
  • Radical Transparency: The kind of trust and transparency that rarely reach beyond the initial founding team.  
  • Reinvesting in People: We trust Partners to decide how to spend company money and time on their professional and personal development.  


Lab.Coop dictionary

Beerdate /birdāt/ (noun) : When Lab.Coop partners go out for dinner or drinks on the company’s expenses. They discuss work or personal stuff, it doesn’t matter as long as they get know one another better. So they can spend the better part of their days in the office with people they know, maybe even care about.

Quick Questions


Partner or employee?
Partner, with real company stocks


Who is the boss?
We distribute authority through holacracy


How much is the fish?
We have a radically transparent compensation


How much can you spend on your training?
2,000 EUR/year


  • Manage your work: spin up new projects and actions that make sense for your roles.
  • Manage your time: decide how you use your time (we have flexible hours).
  • Manage your transparency: track your projects and actions in an external list. Use GTD.
  • Manage your conflicts: learn Nonviolent Communication (NVC). There's a training in our onboarding.
  • Manage your learning: decide what supports you the most: a conference, coaching, therapy or courses.
  • Manage your compensation: earn based on your demonstrated merits. We have transparent salaries.




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Holacracy gives us processes to solve problems, and make ideas happen. So if you have it in you, nobody will stop you.

Anikó Fejes Partner and Developer


Dog friendly office

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