What We Do

Pioneering seamless drive-through payments for every car.

Budapest, Papnövelde u. 10, 1056 Hungary


About the workplace


Whom will you work with?
Engineers and designers, mostly


Average age


What do you usually have for lunch together?
Everything Egyetem tér has to offer!

Join us

We are an early stage company building an ambitious product with huge commercial potentials to grow up to.

Join us in filling Parkour's early team with top-notch talent. Expect to pull a massive weight, but be comforted knowing that everyone else in the room will do the same for you.

If we crash and burn, you'll have learned something. If we take off, as all vital signs suggest by now, you'll have something to teach.


Automotive Finance IoT Security Tech Information Technologies


  • Validate idea
  • Build working prototype
  • Get customers
  • Raise funds
  • Build the product, together with…
  • Build a great team
  • Hustle
  • Update to-do list
  • Founders

    We are curious minds seeking to improve the status quo with a solution that could help millions. With an excellent team, battle hardened in enterprises and startups alike, we move forward with deliberation at a dynamic pace.

    If you think you'd fit in, get in touch.

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