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Professional skills

Programozási alapok

Personal skills

Team player Ability of asking questions Initiative, diligence Openness to develop

Even better…

Verziókezelők (pl.: Git)
Csapmunkában való tapasztalat
Linux vagy OSX ismerete

Job description

Kezdő web- és PHP fejlesztők számára indítunk Drupal képzést. A képzés alapvető célja, hogy Drupal backend fejlesztőket képezzünk, akik ismerik a legmodernebb iparági technológiákat. Az Akadémia diákjai fizetést kapnak az oktatás első napjától. Ha fontosnak tartod, hogy piacképes tudásod legyen, és szeretnél egy szakmailag felkészült, ám mégis laza, barátságos csapatban.

Ideal candidate

Team player open minded curious Motivated szorgalmas


No qualification required

Language skills

Native speaker

Office address

Budapest, Szent István krt. 22, 1137 Magyarország

Work schedule

Core time
9 - 17
You can start at
Február 4.
Vacation days per year
A törvény szerint


  • Free coffee
  • In-house trainings
  • Office massage
  • Notebook
  • Team building programs


  • 4-6 hónapig napi 8 órában tanulni a csapattal
  • Majd senior kollégákkal közös munka projekteken

Technologies and tools

Slack Linux Git Easy Redmine php 7 Docker Drupal 8 OSX

Team info

Team size
25+ person
Team age range
21 - 39

What you will learn

  • Drupal 8 API
  • PHP backend
  • Verziókezelés
  • Docker
  • Csapatmunka, issue kezelés


A leendő akademistáknak MacBook Pro laptopokat biztosítunk

You will work with

Tilman Attila
							    							    								    			- Drupal fejlesztő

Kevés programozói tudással indultam, de a képzés során sikerült stabil alapokat szereznem, ami a későbbiekben nagyon hasznosnak bizonyult a munkában.

Tilman Attila , Drupal fejlesztő
Pajor Péter
							    							    								    			- Drupal fejlesztő

Amit kaptam az akadémiától: nagy igényességgel vegyített szakmai értékrend, professzionalizmus, kritikus szemléletmód és a Drupal alapos megismerése.

Pajor Péter , Drupal fejlesztő
Herczog Zoltán
							    							    								    			- Drupal fejlesztő

Valós problémák megoldásán keresztül szerezhettem tudást a Drupalról, egy olyan mentortól, aki hagy teret, de készségesen segít ha elakadsz.

Herczog Zoltán , Drupal fejlesztő

További információk

A programról további részleteket a honlapunkon találsz.

Our product

Web development, Cloud services and UX/UI

The company was founded in 2012 and quickly grew to be the leading Drupal shop in Budapest. Since then, we are also developing distributed systems, cloud services, we have strong DevOps competencies and we are also providing UX/UI consultancy. It's really important for us to believe in what we do and to provide a workplace that inspires and supports our team.

Our mission

At its core, Cheppers is about creating something awesome- whether it’s building websites that perfectly balance aesthetics and functionality, or highly available cloud based services at scale. We always want to understand the people we are working with, and to support them in making good decisions. To achieve this, we think it’s key to provide a workplace that inspires and supports.

What would I miss if I left?

Gergely Borsothy-Gaál
			    									- Cloud Engineer

The great community, the wonderful office and the professional team. My colleagues are always happy to help, and I’m always learning more and more.

Gergely Borsothy-Gaál , Cloud Engineer

Office photo

Cheppers - Office photo

Team video

Cheppers - Team video

What makes our product special

Cloud UI/UX Dog friendly Amazon Web Services PHP Hackathon Cloud Computing Distributed systems Ruby Python

Our story

  1. 2012.09.01

    Cheppers is founded and we start to work on international web / Drupal development projects

  2. 2013.09.23

    We have grown out of our first office

  3. 2014.01.23

    Our 20th team member joins and we have extended our services to include UX/UI and Cloud Engineering

  4. 2015.01.23

    Our office changes again as headcount has grown to 40

  5. 2016.01.01

    The office size has doubled, we become a Private Limited Company and Drupal Academy is launched

  6. 2016.09.23

    We open our New York office

  7. 2017.05.01

    The second Drupal Academy has started with 8 members

  8. 2018.01.01

    We have merged with 5net, which means 15 new people in the team

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

Everybody can share their opinion, and we encourage them to do just that. After 24 months at Cheppers, all colleagues will receive company shares which means they are also invited to board meetings.

Favourite thing in the office

Cheppers - Favourite thing in the office

Trainings and workshops

We provide a yearly budget for attending conferences, trainings and workshop, and our bonus system is designed to reward presentations (external and internal) and organizing meetups and other events.

Lightning round

Ties or shorts?
Mac or PC
Usually Mac, but what you choose
Sports, hiking, hackathons

Why we love our office

Our office is 100% kid and dog friendly. We love coffee and always have plenty stocked up - or else there would be a riot. We live an active community life - from company breakfasts to board game and LAN parties, sometimes even movie nights. We also have Hackathons once a month in which our colleagues experiment with various IoT projects from smart heating to Alexa controlled door openings.

Which celebrity would your company be?

Joseph Gordon Levitt

Joseph Gordon Levitt


Personal qualities we appreciate

Support for continuous development and self-improvement, transparency and openness, audacity to step into unknown and uncharted territory - these are our core values here at Cheppers.

A munkahelyről


LAN partik, társasjáték estek, közös szórakozás

HOGYAN ADUNK visszajelzést?

Rendszeresen csinálunk 1on1-okat.


27,58, de ki számolja

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