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Professional skills

Product owner / architect
Technical background

Personal skills

Solution-oriented attitude Proactivity, assertiveness Great planning skills Good prioritization skills Accuracy, process-orientation

Advantage, if...

  • JIRA
  • V2X / Telecommunication
  • Automotive experience

Job description

As a Product Owner you will work in the Product Team and your responsibility will be the definition and management of exact and clear requirements in alignment with the internal and customer expectations. You will drive new product development and manage the life-cycle of the product portfolio. You will support the technical pre-sales team.

You can start
As soon as you can

Ideal candidate

  • Be creative
  • systematic skill
  • be a good team leader
  • customer centric
  • good planner


BA degree
BA degree

Language skills

Conversational level
Conversational level

Office address

Budapest, Irinyi József u. 4-20, 1117 Magyarország

Work schedule

Core time
09:30 - 18:00


Breakfast Coffee Snacks
Team building programs
Travel support


  • Translate product and customer requirements
  • Develop and maintain a prioritized backlog
  • Measure product performance and value to clients
  • Ensure software deliverables meet customers' needs
  • Improve our product roadmap and product vision

Technologies and tools

Slack Google Drive Jira Git Confluence

How we work

Commsignia is a product-oriented company where majority of the technical responsibility is in the Product Team serving both the Automotive and the Smart City business units with their global customers. In this position you will work with almost everyone in the company: engineers, sales, marketing, support. You need to be a good organizer to be able to cooperate with all these teams.

Your future team

Team size
25+ person
Team age range
21 - 64

What will you learn

  • Everything on V2X
  • On-site client meetings
  • Participation on test events
Don't apply if ...

  • You are afraid of responsibility
  • You rather avoid problems than solve them
  • Your dream job is a lazy 9-5 gig behind your screen
  • You easily get discouraged by problems

Our product

V2X software and hardware

We create hardware and software solutions that enable cars to talk to each other and the smart city infrastructure to save lives and make traffic more efficient. In the world of self-driving cars Commsignia is the third eye for enhancing the safety of fully-autonomous driving.

Our mission

Simply put, we help to avoid road accidents and make traffic more efficient. Our technology allows vehicles to communicate with one another and the smart roadside infrastructure to share sensor data and help drive self-driven cars.

What would I miss if I left?

			    									- Senior embedded software engineer

Deep discussions on the couch, darts at the end of the day, common lunches, homemade cakes and great people around. That I'd miss for sure ...

Gergő , Senior embedded software engineer

Office photo

Commsignia - Office photo  - Budapest, Irinyi József u. 4-20, 1117 Magyarország

Team video

Commsignia - Team video

What makes our product special

Information Technologies Automotive Software development V2X Safety Okos város Autók közötti kommunikáció Hardver

Our story

  1. 2012.02

    Commsignia was founded

  2. 2013.09

    ETSI Plugfest, university projects supported by Commsignia V2X solutions

  3. 2014.07

    Pilot projects around Europe completed with success

  4. 2016.10

    Commsignia devices already used in 17 countries

  5. 2017.06

    Opening of Commsignia Michigan office

  6. 2018.03

    Commsignia joins 5GAA to help build the future C-V2X ecosystem

  7. 2019.08

    Commsignia Announces Funding of $11M To Extend Its Leadership in V2X Connectivity

  8. 2020.01

    Commsignia Introduces New Dual-Radio Roadside Unit

  9. 2020.04

    Commsignia Roadside Unit OmniAir Certified

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

The atmosphere is very casual, employees' ideas&suggestions are freely discussed. Over our traditional breakfasts we talk about achievements and plans for future. And company chatroom is flourishing!

Favourite thing in the office

Commsignia - Favourite thing in the office  - Budapest, Irinyi József u. 4-20, 1117 Magyarország

Trainings and workshops

Business trips to foreign car manufacturers and automotive suppliers, on-site work with partner teams. International V2X and ITS conferences, test events, participation in research projects.

Lightning round

Being late or overtime?
Flexible working ours
Ties or shorts?

Our clients

Commsignia - Our clients
Commsignia - Our clients
Commsignia - Our clients

Why we love our office

Great location next to Petőfi híd Budai hídfő.

Product video

Commsignia - Product video

Personal qualities we appreciate

Assertiveness, inventiveness, self-reflection and ability to learn. Some flexibility and good sense of humor are appreciated, and we are also happy if you know how to cook, or at least love to eat ;)

Our clients

We work with automotive manufacturers, automotive suppliers and road infrastructure operators. We made major cities a safer place to live in more than 17 countries already.

Our products

We are working on the world’s first connectivity platform that integrates V2X applications with everyday technologies from tablets and phones to smart homes. By connecting vehicles with each other and the smart city infrastructure, it is possible to foresee an accident from miles away, alert pedestrians to danger or enable vehicles to keep up with the green wave when traveling through downtown.

			    									- Technical Account Manager

If you feel the urge to work with technology that is about to change how the world thinks about transportation and mobility, your place is among us

Gergely , Technical Account Manager

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