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Professional skills

Software solutions
Digital transformation

Personal skills

Motivated Enthusiastic Detail oriented Autonomous Sharp

Job description

We’re a looking for new German speaking Software Marketing Specialists for the purpose of lead generation activities, to contact leading IT enterprises in: Austria, Switzerland, Germany through social media, phone and email and generate highly qualified business leads to be directly followed by our clients, Blue-chip software companies.

You can start

Ideal candidate

If you bring Lead Generation/ Marketing/ Sales experience, especially in the software field, have good technical background, sharp sales skills, a positively contagious work attitude, enthusiasm for what you do, and enjoy the challenge of working in a dynamic marketing team environment- this may be the role for you and an opportunity to work anywhere and locate anywhere while at it!

Salary range

Net monthly salary range
1 000 — 2 000 EUR
+ Bonus

Bonuses are uncapped and are paid on a monthly basis 


In-house training

How to apply

  • Application language: English
  • CV (Hungarian)
  • LinkedIn
  • Self-branding profile


Any level degree
Finance and accounting
Any level degree
Any level degree

Language skills


Office address

23/25 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris, France

Work schedule

Weekly working hours
40 hours/week
Core time
9 - 17


  • Leading generation activities
  • Contacting leading IT enterprises in German speaking markets
  • Generating highly qualified business leads
  • Handling accounts of BlueChip software companies

Technologies and tools

skype Microsoft Teams Microsoft Office 365 Amazon, Google Cloud

How we work

The job can be 100% remote and done from anywhere in the world using a laptop / PC running company applications.

Your future team

Team size
25+ person
Team age range
25 - 55

What will you learn

High level concepts in IT such as data analytics, BI, Machine learning & its applications

Our product

Lead Generation and Pre Sales Services

MediaDev is a global marketing services provider exclusively serving clients in the IT and technology industries. For over 25 years, we have been helping big and small players alike grow their businesses, branch out into new markets, promote their products and services, and connect with strategic business partners through combination of marketing tactics.

Our mission

Our teams have an extensive understanding of technical IT concepts, and highly-developed sales skills. In addition, our marketing and pre-sales specialists, have an average length of employment that battles industry norms: our agents stay on board for no less than 4 years. The loyalty of our team translates into customer loyalty. On average, we have a 92% customer satisfaction rate.

What would I miss if I left?

			    									- Client Operations Manager

Creative environment and great inter-personal relationships.

Shai , Client Operations Manager

Office photo

MediaDev - Office photo  - 23/25 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris, France

What makes our product special

Equal opportunity employer Communications Technologies 10 years experience Focused on ISV/ IT industry Employ EU language speakers Professional Atmosphere Dynamic Environment Performance Bonuses Grow with company

Our story

  1. 2018.01

    Focusing on the ISV industry

  2. 2017.01

    Started offering Digital marketing

  3. 2015.01

    Expanded globally

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

Our agents' feedback is a key factor determining if a campaign is to be a success. It's a partnership.

Favourite thing in the office

MediaDev - Favourite thing in the office  - 23/25 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris, France

Trainings and workshops

Technical and soft skills training is a never ending mission

Lightning round

Beer, wine or shot?
Being late or overtime?
Mac or PC

Our clients

MediaDev - Our clients
MediaDev - Our clients
MediaDev - Our clients
MediaDev - Our clients
MediaDev - Our clients

Why we love our office

We love our office because we love the people (and their family & pets) inside of it

Product video

MediaDev - Product video

Which celebrity would your company be?

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves


Personal qualities we appreciate

Credibility, Creativeness, Autonomy, Dedication, Positive mindset.

Our Korean campaign success!
Our OEM campaign with Qliktech

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