Professional skills

Proficient in CSS, HTML
Basic JavaScript
Strong analytical skills
Strong communication skills
Project management

Personal skills

Eager to learn Clear communication Analytic thinking Friendly and helpful Excellent Organization Skills

Advantage, if...

If you have experience in sales/customer communication, web development, Google Analytics, or GTM - that's a big plus!

Job description

If you’re an outgoing person with a strong analytical mind, this role is perfect for you!

We’re looking for someone who can connect with our customers, build lasting relationships, and can deeply understand their business/technical needs.

This is a dynamic role in which you will support our sales team by providing technical insight and answering deep product questions to facilitate discussion.

You can start

Ideal candidate

The ideal candidate for this role is friendly, enjoys communicating with customers, and has previous experience in web development.

Our team is fun and we often have team building activities, so we're looking for someone who would like to spend time with the Prefixbox team!

How to apply

  • CV


No qualification required

Language skills

Excellent communication both verbal and written

Office address

Budapest, Visegrádi u. 31, 1132 Hungary

Work schedule

Weekly working hours
40 hours/week
Working hours
9:00 - 17:00


Beverages Coffee
In-house training


  • Plan and oversee implementation of all of our search modules to clients’ online shops
  • Design, manage, and evaluate A/B tests and regularly inform our customers about the results
  • Monitor and regularly communicate progress with customers via online channels and in-person meetings
  • Support sales by attending customer meetings and demos to answer technical questions
  • Prepare presentations for technical demos and attend meetings to present the business results

Technologies and tools

Slack Google Analytics Google Tag Manager

How we work

The Customer Success team has daily stand up meetings to prioritize work. Work is completed independently, with ample team support when needed.

Your future team

Team size
16-25 person
Team age range
20 - 45

What will you learn

You will gain a deep understanding of the eCommerce world and about Prefixbox's products.

You will get a chance to practice your customer communication, development skills, presentation skills, and project management.

Our product


We help shoppers find the perfect product they are looking for on eCommerce websites by improving the product search experience.

Read our story in Forbes:

Our mission

Our mission is to help online shoppers find the amazing products they want to buy and help retailers sell their products.

What would I miss if I left?


The pizza parties, the team bonding and inside jokes. Plus our #alwayslearning sessions.


Office photo

Prefixbox - Office photo  - Budapest, Visegrádi u. 31, 1132 Hungary

What makes our product special

Research & Development Product development Information Technologies Agile Algorithm design React.js Big Data, NLP, ML Azure, Cloud Hadoop, Elastic

Our story

  1. 2014.10

    Prefixbox was founded

  2. 2015.02

    5 people development team: building out the first version of Prefixbox

  3. 2015.12

    Janos, our amazing sales colleague joined, getting revenue

  4. 2018.02

    Interational team of 13 people

  5. 2019.10

    Doubling our team!

  6. 2020.01

    Opened our sales office in Poland

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

Since we are a small team, every member of our team can have a huge impact and a huge say in where the company and product is going. The more you contribute the more say you have!

Favourite thing in the office

Prefixbox - Favourite thing in the office  - Budapest, Visegrádi u. 31, 1132 Hungary

Trainings and workshops

We believe in learning by doing and learning from each other. There are lots of senior people in the team both in the development and sales team who are happy to share their experience.

Lightning round

Ties or shorts?
Shorts. We keep it casual and comfortable
Believe in yourself!
Beer, wine or shot?
In that order...

Why we love our office

It is easy to access for everyone: we are near Westend. We have lots of space and the business team is in a different room from the engineering team, so there is less noise for them :). We socialize in the chill room and in the kitchen and there is darts for those who like that!

Which celebrity would your company be?

Bud Spencer

Bud Spencer


Personal qualities we appreciate

Curious, honest, friendly and hard working


  • Long term thinking
  • Grow fast by doing
  • The pie can always get bigger


We are always looking for new team members who love to challenge themselves and learn new things. Contact us any time if you want to learn more!

Rules we live by

  • Genchi genbutsu: you know nothing until you talk to your customers
  • Attitude is more imprtant than talent
  • Execution is more important than ideas
  • Adaptability is more important than experience
  • Group performance is more important than induvidual output
  • You can criticize anything, but only if you offer an alternative

What we value

If you want to create big plans and strategy and let others do the work - you are not looking for us!

"Be a doer, not a talker – history belongs to the doers."

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