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Professional skills

English knowledge
Writing skills

Personal skills

Fast researcher Agile mindset

Even better…

you can re-start from scratch
SEO knowledge
Experience in videography
if you adore office dogs

Job description

We're looking for a new member with creative sense and good design taste, who can easily turn all our thoughts into words and make catchy copy from them. 💬 Ideally, this person has to be a highly focused, well-organised and detail-orientated person. 🤓 Also, we hope you'll bring a strong passion for our mission and excitement for our company!

Ideal candidate

Knows the product inside out Has excellent English Loves tech Easily expresses her/himself


Media and communications
BA degree

Language skills

Native speaker
Excellent command in spoken and written

Office address

Budapest, Soroksári út 48, 1095 Hungary

Work schedule

Core time
9:30 - 15:30
You can start at

Salary range

Gross monthly salary range
HUF 200 000 — 350 000


  • Free coffee
  • In-house trainings
  • Notebook
  • Fitness reimbursement
  • Team building programs
  • Training contribution


  • Write blog & social posts, EDM, ads, PR articles 📝
  • Compose corporate documents
  • Write script & voice-over of our videos 🎬
  • Work on presentations & creative concepts

Technologies and tools

Trello Basecamp Google G-suite

How we work

We adapted to the agile methodology: tasks are tackled in a swift and highly organized way.📈 That's why, week-starter meeting is always the first milestone for each week, where we summarise to-dos for the current sprint and answer all the main questions about them. During the week, we write daily reports in short at the end of the day, so with constant feedbacking you will always know what to do.

What you will learn

  • Agile teamwork
  • Everything on cinematography
  • How to fight with NERF-gun 🔫


Company laptop and a fully furnished workstation. And we also have a BBQ smoker for chill-out happenings. 🔥🍢

Dog friendly office and CEO

With whom will you work?

The necessary brief for your tasks will always come from our foxy red haired CMO or our always well-groomed bearded Creative Director. 🦊🧔🏻 Also, these guys will guide you through all kind of "Sybrillo traditions & habits" to help you assimilate into our community as soon as possible!

Our product

Sybrillo GO

As our first product, we’re building a smart, multi-use camera-stabilizer system for the GoPro; it provides you pro-level video making experience. It balances any GoPro camera along all 3 axes of motion, can be pre-programmed for any camera movement, has a tracing function, can be used remotely through a smart app, and even can be used for action selfies.

Our mission

We invented, designed and manufactured a smart accessory that brings A-category filming techniques into user-level video production.

What would I miss if I left?

Erdei István
			    									- Creative Director

Az egymásra halmozódó that's what she said poénok ;-)

Erdei István , Creative Director

Office photo

Sybrillo - Office photo

Work-life balance

Private life

What makes our product special

smart Innovative extreme user friendly multifunctional

Our story

  1. 2014.06.01

    The idea was born. Recording from a car-mounted GoPro gave us the inspiration.

  2. 2014.09.01

    The team assembled and we designed the first prototype

  3. 2014.10.01

    We won the BME outstanding innovation award

  4. 2015.01.01

    We earned the first place on the Újbuda Startup Contest

  5. 2015.05.01

    We’ve scored second place @ Microsoft Imagine Cup

  6. 2016.01.01

    Based on the previous successes, the team became an official company

  7. 2016.05.01

    Sybrillo was funded with nearly $150,000 on Kickstarter

  8. 2017.10.01

    Hiventures invested big in Sybrillo Kft.

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

We invented, designed and manufactured a smart accessory that brings A-category filming techniques into user-level video production.

Favourite thing in the office

Sybrillo - Favourite thing in the office

Trainings and workshops

Continuous learning and developing is a core value for us. We can sponsor professional courses and help get self-learn books and software too.

Lightning round

Beer, wine or shot?
Craft beers and rose wine
Favorite decor?
The orange fridge in the chill corner
NERF-gun battles

Why we love our office

The fact that there is a very healthy balance between goofing around and taking things really seriously. Almost anything goes if the work is done, and if work is done, almost anything goes. Our office doubles as a living room, our desks are workstations and islands of zen. It’s good to be here.

Which celebrity would your company be?

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan


Personal qualities we appreciate

We put great emphasis on integrating curious, ever-learning people into our team, whose passion is innovation and trying out new things.

A munkahelyről

Átlag életkor
Van ebédszünet?
Persze, együtt ebédelünk
Szülinapoztok együtt az irodában?
Naná!!! :)

BBQ party a CEO-nál


... is szeretünk együtt lógni! Különösképp, ha Dávid, a CEO úgy dönt, hogy meghívja magához a csapatot egy jó kis BBQ partyra! 🔥🍢 A smoker adott és a vegetáriánus csapattársakra is tekintettel vagyunk! 🌿😁

Így dolgozunk mi

Kanban rendszerben dolgozunk, a munkát heti sprintekre osztjuk, hétfőnként pedig kickoff meetinget tartunk. 📈

Kutyabarát iroda

A Sybrillo HQ két négylábú kollégával is büszkélkedhet! 🐕 Peyton, a hófehér szamojéd és Rufus, az ausztrál vörös border collie az egésznapos similehetőség biztosítása mellett lelkiismeretesen gondoskodnak a kellő mennyiségű endorfin termelésről is a szünetmentes szeretet supportjuk által. 😍 Egyedül annyit fontos megjegyezni, hogy ha babzsákfotelbe szeretnél ülni, azt bizony velük kell lebizniszelni! 😁


Kutyabarát CMO

Így toljuk a BBQ-t!

Peyton, a szamojéd

Délutáni chill 😌


Office doggos

Kutyabarát CEO

Rufus, a border collie

A csapat

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