Professional skills

Laravel, RESTful, Web Services
Strong skills of PHP, MySQL
HTML5, CSS3, XML - Must know
Apache HTTP or other servers
building APIs

Personal skills

Willingness to learn & improve Both independant & Team Player Positive, Problem-solver Time-Management

Job description

You have an opportunity to join our startup from its very beginning. We are a young team - ambitious, fun & with a willingness to train the ones who join.

Not every work is entertaining but we strive to make it interesting for all of us - Our goal is to make this company an International brand while creating a positive, inspiring and fun working environment as we grow together.

Welcome on board :)

Ideal candidate

Backend servers API integrations


No qualification required

Language skills


Office address

Budapest, Király u. 42, 1061 Hungary

Work schedule

Core time
09:30 - 17:00
You can start at
The sooner the better

Salary range

Gross monthly salary range
HUF 200 000 — 350 000


  • In-house trainings
  • Team building programs
  • Training contribution


  • Develop cutting edge web-based PHP applications 
  • State-of-the-art applications with the UX team
  • API integration to the website
  • Utilize backend data services to improve APIs
  • Documenting the development process & architecture

Technologies and tools

Laravel, RESTful, MySQL HTML5, CSS3, XML, PHP JavaScript, jQuery Python, AJAX GitLab, Github, Slack

Team info

Team size
2-5 person
Team age range
27 - 36

What you will learn

  • Improve web developent skills
  • Gain wider knowledge within IT
  • Learn new skills, if you wish
  • Learn about Travel & Tourism
  • Insights about a tech startup

You will work with

Alexander Golden
							    							    								    			- Founder, CEO

Let your positivity & creative juices flow. Interested in learning new cultures to better understand societies, people and their way of thinking.

Alexander Golden , Founder, CEO
Rohan Sharma
							    							    								    			- Co-Founder, CTO

Having bugs all over your computer? Errors falling from the sky? – Rohan to the rescue! You may even call him the Superman of IT.

Rohan Sharma , Co-Founder, CTO
Erno Varga
							    							    								    			- Co-Founder, CFO

Numbers numbers & more of those numbers - That's where he shines the most. Both an amazing person and an Expert in his field - Accountancy & Finance.

Erno Varga , Co-Founder, CFO
							    							    								    			- The Fun Maker

The biggest soul of the team. We assure you that you have not met such a sweetheart before.

Senna , The Fun Maker

Our product


Price Comparison of Tours, Activities, Tickets & more - coming from hundreds of different websites to compare from, in 1 platform. Creating the largest collection of Tour related services to offer, with the best prices, always.

We currently have an MVP, and soon enough, a fully functioning product.

Our mission

Becoming the number 1 and the best price comparison website for Travel related services & products. Bringing the largest collection of Tours, Activities, tickets & more, into 1 place to choose from.

What would I miss if I left?

Rohan Sharma
			    									- CTO

"I will miss the fun working environment. Work is for money & success but good feeling is for the soul - must have both to live happily" :)

Rohan Sharma , CTO

Office photo

ManyTours - Office photo

What makes our product special

Python Metasearch Angular JS API Integrations Helping People - Best Prices

Our story

  1. 2019.03.15

    Developing the platform

  2. 2019.06.03

    Generating traction - Traffic, user acquisition

  3. 2019.08.01

    Expanding - adding new features & offerings

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

As we are a young startup, the team has the freedom to suggest new ideas, new ways, be an active team member without any red-tape. Lets grow the company together! You can potentially receive % as well

Favourite thing in the office

ManyTours - Favourite thing in the office

Trainings and workshops

As we are a young startup, the training that we do is while working on the website & app - The CTO is highly knowledgeable & you can learn a lot from him. Plus, from the CEO you will learn the rest :)

Lightning round

Beer, wine or shot?
Wine please!
I'd love to fly - feel the freedom
Star Wars or Ben Hur?
Star Wars - Definitely!

Our clients

ManyTours - Our clients
ManyTours - Our clients
ManyTours - Our clients
ManyTours - Our clients
ManyTours - Our clients

Why we love our office

We are currently looking for a new office or a co-working space, as we are a young startup :) when we get it, it will be entertaining, as we need to relax from time to time during work as well.

Which celebrity would your company be?

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves


Personal qualities we appreciate

It's simple - a positive, ambition person with goals in life. Come with good vibes, an open mind and get your creative juices flow. why? because positivity fights stress and makes work interesting :)

Follow us


The place where I would work

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