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Based in San Francisco with a development office in Budapest, Hungary, Secret Sauce Partners enables the world's largest ecommerce companies to provide the best shopping experiences online. Our products are branded and built into ecommerce web sites and are actively used by over 40 million users. We are well funded, fun, dynamic and growing fast. Join us!

Budapest, Szép u. 4, 1053 Magyarország


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Is there lunch break?
Of course! And often we do it together.


Men/Women ratio
60% / 40%


How do we give feedback?
We have two-way sessions every 3 months


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Customer care

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Our Products

Fit Predictor helps shoppers determine the best fitting size for any apparel they wish to buy. Our Visual Recognition Algorithm extracts the stylistic features of each item. Style Finder and Outfit Maker use this information to provide exciting shopping experiences on desktop, mobile and in store.


Collaborative culture - Kyra


Ruházat és Textil Kiskereskedelem Big Data Felhő Mentorálás Termékfejlesztés Nyitottak vagyunk


Mentoring, mentoring, mentoring - Ágnes

Cutting edge technology used to solve real, hard problems.

Gábor Rátky CTO


The right tool for the job - Tamás

I always know why I do what I am doing and how the results will influence the company.

Ágnes Salánki Data Analyst

Don't hesitate too long. Go, try and learn.

Emese Pogácsás VP Engineering

You can touch the business - no matter which team you're at.

Julianna Göbölös-Szabó Data Scientist

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