): Lezárt álláshirdetés. Erre az állásra már nem tudsz jelentkezni, de görgess lejjebb és böngéssz a hasonló állások között! Reméljük te is megtalálod az álomállásod!

Szakmai ismeretek

Communication skills
Experience w/ content creation
Interest in video marketing
Experience w/ event management
Project management experience

Emberi tulajdonságok

Odafigyel a részletekre Szervezőkészség Folyamatos önképzés Ért az emberekhez Csapatmunkában való aktív részvétel

Még jobb, ha...

Photo & video editing skills
Understanding of SEO
Business mindset
Interest in education
Active student status

Állás leírása

Does the thought of attending events, talking to people and documenting your experiences in writing and video energize you? Do you enjoy teamwork as much as having your own projects and responsibilities? If yes, apply to be a Junior Marketing Manager at Engame Academy!

A degree in marketing is not required, but related experience is a must.

Az ideális jelentkező

Problémamegoldó Rugalmas Őszinteség Pozitív hozzáállás Multi-tasking Kreatív Képesség az önálló munkavégzésre Ügyfélközpontúság Desire to improve processes


Media and communications
Nem kell papír
BA diploma


Kiváló kommunikáció szóban és írásban is

Iroda cím

Budapest, Maros utca 12, 1122 Magyarország


13 - 19
Ekkor kezdhetsz
in January


Havi bruttó fizetési sáv
200 000 — 350 000 Ft


  • Ingyen kávé
  • Ingyen rágcsa
  • Notebook
  • Csapatépítő programok


  • Creating written & visual content (incl. videos)
  • Partnership management
  • Community management
  • Attending events inside and outside the office
  • Managing our website

Technológiák, eszközök

asana Trello Google Drive Google Analytics Wordpress Facebook Business Manager Google calendar miniCRM Google Data Studio

Így dolgozunk mi

We're using Kanban and are working on introducing OKRs. Our organizational structure is more flat than hierarchical. Everyone in the team has their own responsibilities but we're working closely together and are available to help each other out anytime. We also hold status meetings regularly to make sure everyone is on the same page.

A csapat számokban

Csapat mérete
25 fő fölött
Legfiatalabb, legidősebb kolléga életkora
23 - 57

Mit fogsz tanulni

  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media management
  • SEO
  • Analyzing marketing campaigns

Leendő kollégáid

							    							    								    			- Senior Marketing Manager

Want to gain invaluable experience in marketing and be part of a team where your creativity is encouraged? Then apply now, I'd love to work with you!

Bogi , Senior Marketing Manager

How to apply?

To apply, please submit your CV and a one-page motivation letter via DreamJo.bs by January 16.

As the position requires great attention to detail, there is a simple bonus question we would like you to answer via email. The question and the email address you can send your answer to will be shown after you submit your application.

About you

You love attending events, working with people and then crafting engaging content about your experiences. On the other hand, you are not frustrated with more technical tasks, you are thorough and you have great attention to detail.

You are familiar with the different marketing channels and platforms, but you want to learn and improve yourself.

Working hours

30-40 hours/week.

We're flexible about your office hours, the only thing that matters is that you are able to attend events organized inside and outside the office. These are mainly happening in the afternoons (4-7 PM) and sometimes on Saturdays.

Home office is also an available option when needed.


Non-formal education programs

At Engame Academy we work with talented high school and undergraduate students to help them find their place in the world, live up to their potential and find the most suitable higher education programme for them. We use progressive, student-centered approaches focusing on problem-solving, expeditionary learning, group work, project based learning and critical thinking.


We're providing everything that is missing from the Hungarian education system.

Mi hiányozna, ha elmennék?

			    									- Office Manager, HR assistant
I'd miss the cheerful atmosphere of the office and the creative, inspiring people working here. I'd also feel the loss of Wednesday's yoga classes.
Orsi , Office Manager, HR assistant

Fotó az irodáról

Engame Academy - Fotó az irodáról


Engame Academy - Csapatvideó

Ettől különleges a termékünk

non-formal education 21st century skills usable language skills interdisciplinary approach students at top200 unis career oriantation student-centered approach 800+ students since 2010


  1. 2010.08.01

    We started advising high school students who wanted to study abroad.

  2. 2013.09.01

    We moved in to our third office in the middle of the city (Bajcsy 50).

  3. 2014.01.01

    We've started to offer programs for younger students, starting our Prep Year for 11th graders.

  4. 2014.02.01

    Lévai Balázs and Szabó Domonkos, co-founders of Engame got selected for the Forbes 30 under 30 list!

  5. 2014.09.01

    We completed our program, offering full year programs for 9-12 graders.

  6. 2014.12.01

    Lévai Balázs, Engame Co-founder and CEO got selected for the 50 Role Models of Hungary list.

  7. 2018.01.01

    We started to offer a Creative English Course for 7-8th graders.

  8. 2018.09.01

    We moved to our current office (Maros 12).

Hogy szólhatnak bele az alkalmazottak a cég életébe?

We offer a great deal of independece. As a continously expanding and evolving SME we give our team the chance to take part not only in execution but in planning and strategy too.

Kedvenc tárgy az irodában

Engame Academy - Kedvenc tárgy az irodában

Így képezzük a kollégákat

We all get the chance to take part in professional development opportunities and conferences and we are always open to suggestions from our team members. We are also big fans of peer learning!


Bringa, BKV vagy autó?
többnyire bringa és BKV
Nyakkendő vagy rövidnadrág?
Nemek aránya?
lány:fiú - 2:1


Engame Academy - Ügyfeleink
Engame Academy - Ügyfeleink
Engame Academy - Ügyfeleink
Engame Academy - Ügyfeleink
Engame Academy - Ügyfeleink

Ezt szeretjük a legjobban az irodában

Our brand new office is finally big enough to invite more students for specific events and also for us to fit in comfortably for our in-house yoga classes. We have huge windows in every room, beautiful trees around us and a view of the sunset in summer. We love that the office building is easily approachable, modern and quiet.


Engame Academy - Termékvideó

Melyik híres ember lenne a cég?

Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson


Tulajdonságok, amiket értékelünk

A sense of humor, patience, empathy - we're dealing with teenagers after all ;) (and their parents!)

Our Partners:

  • Kitchen Budapest
  • Nők a Tudományban Egyesület
  • Kutató Diákok Egyesülete
  • Youth For Understanding
  • Jr. Templeton Fellow
  • Institute of International Education
  • Camp Rising Sun
  • Neteducatio
  • LEAF Academy
  • USchool
  • ...and many other amazing organisations

Kinga, our Head of Education

Our alumni study at:

  • Imperial College London,
  • Copenhagen Business School,
  • University of Pennsylvania,
  • University of Cambridge,
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam,
  • Oxford University,
  • University of Columbia,
  • ...and other leading european and american universities

Why Engame Academy?

"What I love about working here is the combination of freedom and support. If you have original ideas about how to make the programme better and richer, the team will be there to give you feedback and actively help you implement your ideas. For me, this supportive environment is the reason why Engame is a unique and great place to work at."

- Tamás György, teacher/mentor

Balázs, CEO

Itt követhetsz minket

Engame Academy

A hely, ahol szívesen dolgoznék

Nincs nyitott pozíció a vágyott helyen, de szívesen csatlakoznál a későbbiekben hozzájuk? Kövesd a csapatot! A feliratkozással a jövőben értesítést kaphatsz a választott cég aktuális nyitott pozícióiról.

Engame Academy további nyitott pozíciói

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